uncertain example sentences

He is uncertain about his appointment in the air force.

Are you feeling uncertain or insecure about your relationship?

The fruits of your hard work are uncertain.

The origin of this painting is uncertain.

We are uncertain of what the future holds for us.

Are you uncertain about his character?

How long the war will last is uncertain.

When the train will arrive is uncertain.

The time he will arrive is uncertain.

I have a very uncertain, unpredictable temper.

It is uncertain whether he will agree or not.

I am uncertain when he will come next.

It was uncertain whether he would marry her.

He is uncertain about his future.

He is still uncertain about whether to go to college or not.

It is uncertain whether he is coming or not.

He looked uncertain what to do.

I am uncertain whether this is a thing of value.

It is uncertain when the train will arrive.

It is uncertain whether he will come.

I’m uncertain what to do.

The weather forecast was uncertain, with conflicting reports about whether it would rain or remain sunny.

Tom’s future plans were uncertain as he contemplated switching careers and pursuing a completely different path.

The stock market experienced a period of uncertainty, causing investors to hesitate before making any major financial decisions.

Jenny felt uncertain about her relationship, unsure if she should continue investing time and effort or move on.

The student’s performance during the exam was uncertain, as they had difficulty understanding some of the questions.

Mark’s decision to relocate to a new city was met with uncertainty, as he was unsure of the job prospects and the lifestyle there.

The outcome of the experiment remained uncertain, as the data collected was inconclusive and required further analysis.

The future of the company was uncertain after the CEO unexpectedly resigned, leaving the employees unsure about the direction of the organization.

Emily’s emotions were in turmoil, and she felt uncertain about whether she should confront her friend about their hurtful comments.

Sarah’s career path was uncertain as she considered pursuing further education or accepting a job offer in a completely different industry.

The future of renewable energy was uncertain, as changes in government policies and funding could impact its growth and development.

The success of the marketing campaign was uncertain, as it relied heavily on consumer response and market trends.

The outcome of the negotiation remained uncertain as both parties had conflicting demands and were unwilling to compromise.

The impact of the new government policies on the economy was uncertain, with experts providing differing opinions on the potential outcomes.

Jake’s feelings towards his romantic partner were uncertain, as he grappled with mixed emotions and conflicting thoughts.

The travel plans were thrown into uncertainty when the airline announced unexpected cancellations and delays.

The timeline for completing the construction project was uncertain due to unforeseen challenges and supply chain disruptions.

The team’s performance in the competition was uncertain, as they were up against strong opponents with varying skill levels.

Sarah’s decision to relocate to a new country was met with uncertainty as she navigated unfamiliar customs, languages, and cultural norms.

The company’s financial situation was uncertain as it faced declining profits and increased competition in the market.

The weather conditions for the outdoor event were uncertain, with dark clouds looming overhead and intermittent rain showers.

The success of the product launch was uncertain, as market research provided conflicting feedback from potential customers.

Lisa’s career path was uncertain as she contemplated whether to pursue a promotion within her current company or explore opportunities elsewhere.

The future of the endangered species remained uncertain, with conservation efforts struggling to reverse the population decline.

The success of the startup business was uncertain, as it faced stiff competition and limited funding for expansion.

The future of traditional print media was uncertain, as more people shifted to digital platforms for news and information.

The reliability of the internet connection was uncertain, causing frequent interruptions and frustrations during online meetings.

The outcome of the medical procedure was uncertain, as there were potential risks and complications involved.

The stability of the global economy was uncertain, with geopolitical tensions and trade disputes affecting financial markets.

The accuracy of the historical account was uncertain, as conflicting accounts and limited primary sources made it challenging to ascertain the truth.

The timing of the product release was uncertain, as the development process faced unexpected delays and technical difficulties.

The impact of climate change on the environment was uncertain, with scientists studying various scenarios and predicting different outcomes.

The availability of job opportunities in the industry was uncertain, as automation and technological advancements were reshaping the workforce.

The success of the marketing campaign relied on uncertain factors, such as consumer preferences and the effectiveness of advertising strategies.

The impact of social media on mental health was uncertain, as studies presented conflicting findings and opinions from experts.

The future of transportation was uncertain, with advancements in autonomous vehicles and alternative energy sources potentially revolutionizing the industry.

The longevity of the newly implemented government policy was uncertain, as public opinion and political dynamics could lead to potential revisions or reversals.

The effectiveness of the new marketing strategy was uncertain, as it relied on untested approaches and innovative techniques.

The impact of the pandemic on global tourism was uncertain, with travel restrictions and safety concerns affecting the industry’s recovery.

The success of the charity event was uncertain, as it relied on public support and donations that were subject to economic conditions.

The outcome of the court case hinged on uncertain evidence, with conflicting witness testimonies and circumstantial information.

The impact of emerging technologies on job security was uncertain, with concerns about automation and workforce displacement.

The future of traditional educational institutions was uncertain, as online learning platforms gained popularity and offered alternative methods of acquiring knowledge.

The reliability of the weather forecast was uncertain, with meteorologists predicting a range of possible scenarios for the upcoming storm.

The impact of social media influencers on consumer behavior was uncertain, as studies presented conflicting evidence on their influence and effectiveness.

The success of the startup company depended on uncertain factors, such as market demand, competitor actions, and funding availability.

The outcome of the scientific experiment was uncertain, as it involved complex variables and the possibility of unforeseen outcomes.

The future of traditional print publications was uncertain, as digital media continued to dominate the industry and readers’ preferences shifted.

The accuracy of the economic forecast was uncertain, as it relied on various economic indicators and external factors that could change rapidly.

The success of the artistic performance was uncertain, as it relied on audience reception and subjective interpretations of the art.

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