noddy in a sentence

  1. The teacher gave a noddy to the student who answered the question correctly.
  2. The child greeted the friendly neighbor with a noddy.
  3. As a sign of agreement, she gave a noddy during the meeting.
  4. The cat gave a noddy as if acknowledging its owner’s presence.
  5. The manager exchanged a noddy with the employee to convey approval.
  6. The elderly couple exchanged sweet noddies before starting their walk.
  7. During the conversation, they often exchanged quick noddies to show understanding.
  8. The toddler offered a noddy when asked if they wanted a cookie.
  9. In the quiet library, a noddy served as a polite acknowledgment between readers.
  10. The audience responded with noddies when the speaker made a particularly insightful point.
  11. The shy student gave a small noddy when the teacher praised their effort.
  12. The cat greeted its owner with an affectionate noddy.
  13. As a gesture of agreement, the friends exchanged a noddy across the table.
  14. The elderly gentleman offered a noddy to the bus driver as he boarded.
  15. During the silent auction, participants communicated with noddies to place bids.
  16. In the crowded room, a noddy sufficed as a way to greet familiar faces.
  17. The conductor and the musician exchanged appreciative noddies after a successful performance.
  18. The dog responded to the command with an enthusiastic noddy.
  19. The toddler gave a noddy when offered a toy by their playmate.
  20. In the courtroom, lawyers often exchanged subtle noddies during the proceedings.
  21. The colleagues exchanged knowing noddies when the difficult task was completed.
  22. The group members gave noddies to show agreement on the next course of action.
  23. During the interview, the candidate offered a noddy to express understanding.
  24. In the movie theater, people exchanged noddies when they recognized each other.
  25. The dog greeted its owner with a wagging tail and a noddy.
  26. As a sign of respect, the students gave a noddy to the visiting professor.
  27. The cashier and the regular customer exchanged friendly noddies.
  28. The politician gave noddies to the crowd, acknowledging their support.
  29. The waiter received a noddy from the satisfied customer after delivering the meal.
  30. During the conference call, participants often gave noddies to indicate agreement.
  31. The parent and child shared a noddy when discussing weekend plans.
  32. The team members exchanged excited noddies when they won the championship.
  33. The elderly lady offered a noddy to her friend across the park bench.
  34. In the crowded subway, passengers often exchanged noddies when making room for others.
  35. The actor gave a noddy to the director after a successful scene.
  36. The friends shared a noddy as they reminisced about old times.
  37. As a gesture of encouragement, the coach gave a noddy to the athlete.
  38. The students exchanged noddies of relief after finishing a challenging exam.
  39. The cat and dog shared a noddy, seemingly understanding each other.
  40. During the brainstorming session, team members gave approving noddies to promising ideas.
  41. The receptionist and the regular visitor shared a noddy of familiarity.
  42. The toddler and their sibling exchanged playful noddies during a game.
  43. The colleagues exchanged quick noddies during the intense business meeting.
  44. The professor and the student shared a noddy of acknowledgment after an insightful comment.
  45. In the art gallery, visitors often exchanged appreciative noddies at the displayed masterpieces.
  46. The chef and the server shared a noddy when a dish was praised by a customer.
  47. The siblings gave noddies to each other, silently agreeing on a plan.
  48. During the concert, audience members exchanged enthusiastic noddies when their favorite song played.
  49. The coworkers shared noddies, expressing solidarity during a challenging project.
  50. The taxi driver and the regular passenger exchanged friendly noddies as they set off on another journey.
  51. The teammates gave noddies of encouragement before the crucial match.
  52. The child and their parent exchanged loving noddies during a family gathering.
  53. The business partners shared a noddy to seal the deal on their collaboration.
  54. In the yoga class, participants often exchanged noddies of acknowledgment after a challenging pose.
  55. The customer and the salesperson exchanged approving noddies during the demonstration.
  56. The neighbors shared noddies of understanding when discussing community matters.
  57. The friends exchanged amused noddies at a shared inside joke.
  58. The bus driver and the regular commuter gave familiar noddies during the morning route.
  59. The siblings exchanged noddies, silently communicating about the upcoming family event.
  60. The waiter and the regular patron shared a noddy of recognition as they greeted each other.
  61. During the hiking trip, participants often exchanged noddies of encouragement on difficult trails.
  62. The co-workers gave appreciative noddies when a team member presented a successful project.
  63. The couple exchanged affectionate noddies during their romantic dinner.
  64. The colleagues shared noddies, silently agreeing on the best course of action.
  65. The parent and child exchanged noddies of understanding during a heart-to-heart conversation.
  66. The friends gave encouraging noddies to each other before embarking on a road trip.
  67. The elderly couple shared contented noddies as they sat together on the porch.
  68. The siblings exchanged amused noddies during a family gathering.
  69. The teammates shared approving noddies after a well-executed play in the game.
  70. The coworkers exchanged noddies, acknowledging the successful completion of a challenging project.
  71. The cat and dog exchanged curious noddies as they explored a new environment.
  72. The child gave a noddy of approval when offered a choice between two toys.
  73. The couple exchanged loving noddies, expressing affection without words.
  74. The friends shared playful noddies during a lighthearted conversation.
  75. The business partners exchanged confident noddies before presenting their proposal.
  76. The siblings shared understanding noddies during a family discussion.
  77. The teammates exchanged determined noddies, gearing up for a challenging competition.
  78. The professor and student exchanged intellectual noddies during a stimulating lecture.
  79. The coworkers shared appreciative noddies during a team-building activity.
  80. The neighbors gave friendly noddies as they passed each other in the hallway.
  81. The child and parent exchanged excited noddies before a special event.
  82. The friends shared nostalgic noddies as they reminisced about their shared adventures.
  83. The colleagues exchanged congratulatory noddies after a successful presentation.
  84. The cat and dog exchanged friendly noddies as they played together.
  85. The business partners shared approving noddies as they finalized a major deal.
  86. The teammates gave supportive noddies during a challenging workout session.
  87. The professor and student shared intellectual noddies during a thought-provoking discussion.
  88. The coworkers exchanged appreciative noddies after a successful team project.
  89. The friends shared empathetic noddies during a heartfelt conversation.
  90. The siblings exchanged amused noddies during a family gathering.
  91. The teammates gave determined noddies before a crucial match.
  92. The child and parent exchanged happy noddies after a shared accomplishment.
  93. The colleagues shared approving noddies during a collaborative brainstorming session.
  94. The cat and dog exchanged playful noddies as they enjoyed their time together.
  95. The business partners shared confident noddies before an important business presentation.
  96. The teammates gave encouraging noddies during a challenging training session.
  97. The professor and student shared intellectual noddies during a stimulating academic discussion.
  98. The coworkers exchanged congratulatory noddies after a successful product launch.
  99. The friends shared understanding noddies during a heartfelt conversation.
  100. The siblings gave amused noddies during a family gathering.

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