missed in a sentence

  1. Exercise should never be missed.
  2. We missed you very much during the ceremony.
  3. Yesterday I was late for school, because I missed the bus.
  4. He missed a great deal.
  5. I have missed you so much.
  6. What is a missed miscarriage?
  7. The first sign of a pregnancy is a missed period.
  8. A missed period can be a cause of great frustration and anxiety.
  9. Please give him a missed call.
  10. I missed my chance.
  11. You have missed the opportunity.
  12. In life, all of us have missed many opportunities.
  13. Will you be missed?
  14. He missed the bus.
  15. Sorry, I missed the train.
  16. I missed it inadvertently.
  17. I missed my usual train.
  18. He missed his usual bus.
  19. They must have missed the train.
  20. I missed the bus.
  21. We missed you badly at the birthday party.
  22. We have missed the train.
  23. Several students missed their period.
  24. We missed the last bus.
  25. He was late, so he missed the flight.
  26. Many a passer have missed the train.
  27. He ran fast but missed the train.
  28. We missed a golden chance.
  29. Though I ran all the way to the station, I missed the train.
  30. To my hard luck, I missed the train.
  31. We have missed you very badly.
  32. We were late for the school because we missed the bus.
  33. They will have missed the train.
  34. He reached the station late, so he missed the train.
  35. I missed you very much on my birthday.
  36. I missed a great opportunity.
  37. I ran fast, but missed the train.
  38. His name was missed off the list.
  39. If I hadn’t fallen ill and missed the interview, I might have got the job.
  40. The bomb missed the target.
  41. But for you I should have missed the train.
  42. He missed his aim.
  43. You never missed your classes and worked hard.
  44. I’m sorry I missed the test.
  45. I missed a period.
  46. I’ve missed my aim.
  47. He may have missed the last train.
  48. I missed you a lot.
  49. She missed him a lot.
  50. I missed you so much!
  51. The bomb missed its target.
  52. We narrowly missed the accident.
  53. I have missed my train.
  54. I missed the bus by three minutes.

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