In spite of in a sentence

In spite of hard work, he could not get even pass marks. I’m going to go through with it in spite of her opposition. I cannot help liking him in spite of his many faults. He is in good health in spite of his age. The girl went to school in spite of her illness. … Read more

quiet in a sentence

It is quiet here at night. She’s a quiet person. In this article we shall see ways on how to handle a quiet man. The baby was quiet all night. It was a quiet night. Be quiet! Keep quiet and behave well! Be quiet and listen to me. An ashram is a quiet place. Be … Read more

Live in a sentence

The locals around here really live at a relaxed pace. Why did he live in the United States? I don’t know how he can live with himself after what he did. You ought to live up to your parents’ hopes. Do you live in the city? You live in my heart. He used to live … Read more

great in a sentence

He is the first great English poet. Beyond all question she is a great singer. He failed to my great surprise. The meeting was a great success. He was a great hero. He has great attachment to his wife. Such a great man needs no introduction. Devotion to one’s work is a great quality. It … Read more

Doctor in a sentence

A doctor tried to remove the bullet from his back. His family and his doctor urged him not to go. The doctor felt my pulse. The doctor tried hard to save the wounded boy. How about consulting a doctor and getting sedatives prescribed? The doctor examined the child and said she was healthy. The doctor … Read more

Transition in a sentence

In this festival we observe the transition of the sun into Capricorn. We welcome the transition of Sun in Capricorn by celebrating this festival. The transition from farm life to city life is often difficult.” College life is a big transition from school life. What is a transition period ? How can we deal with … Read more