paint in a sentence

Definition – Paint Noun Material use to color the face A solid coloring substance Plural Collection of tubes or cakes or coloring materials Verb transitive and transitive Coat the surface a the paint Describe vividly in words Make the picture with paint Example Sentences Would you like him to paint it? The door badly needs …

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adapt in a sentence

Definition make suitable make fit for Example Sentences We must adapt ourselves to changing circumstances. Education helps us adapt ourselves to even unfavourable circumstances. People have to change, adapt and adjust with the changing times. We must adapt ourselves to our circumstances. Adapt yourself to your new surroundings. He has now learnt to adapt himself …

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allow in a sentence

Definition – Allow Verb transitive Permit Let Give Grant Admit Agree to give Example Sentences We did not allow him to go. Please allow me to go home. You should treat the problems and control them like your servant and never allow them to become your master. Let us allow him to rest. They don’t …

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missed in a sentence

Exercise should never be missed. We missed you very much during the ceremony. Yesterday I was late for school, because I missed the bus. He missed a great deal. I have missed you so much. What is a missed miscarriage? The first sign of a pregnancy is a missed period. A missed period can be …

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