considered in a sentence

The speaker considered the behavior of the opposition leader in the Parliament as questionable. A television set today is considered … Read More

advice in a sentence

Act upon my advice. He acted upon my advice and succeeded in securing first division in Mathematics. Every family member … Read More

harm in a sentence

Pollution may harm the environment immediately or gradually, over a long period of time. There is no harm in going … Read More

causes in a sentence

Crowded and unmanned rush on the roads and careless driving are the causes of the road accidents. There are many … Read More

advantage in a sentence

What is the greatest advantage of early riser? Corruption is the mistreatment of public resources just for getting some unfair … Read More

about in a sentence

He came here at about ten o’clock. There are about five hundred houses in our village. He wandered about aimlessly. … Read More

spirit in a sentence

Games teach us sportsman spirit. One should have the spirit of self-sacrifice. A library is a soul and spirit of … Read More

look in a sentence

They do their best to look modern and smart. Look at this picture. Almost everybody wishes to look handsome or … Read More

increase in a sentence

There is a sharp increase in the prices of fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural implements. Global warming refers to the increase … Read More

stressful in a sentence

Students require an enjoyable and refreshing experience of leaning rather than a stressful nightmare of examination. I have a relative … Read More

follow in a sentence

Follow your plans without worry or confusion, and follow them with passion. I shall follow this course of action. If … Read More

given in a sentence

We were being given music lessons. She is given only two chapatis a day by her daughter-in-law and her son. … Read More

achieve in a sentence

Ambition means a strong desire to achieve something great. You should practise daily to achieve perfection. I helped them to … Read More

leave in a sentence

We must leave no stone unturned to achieve greatness. You decide to leave her completely and forever. He went on … Read More

poor in a sentence

My father is in poor health. He lives in poor and dirty conditions. He is poor in studies. He doesn’t … Read More

rather than in a sentence

Knowledge should be used for constructive uses rather than destructive. Try to bring solutions to problems rather than bringing problems … Read More

hide in a sentence

Do not hide it from me. Never hide your weakness. A fake disguise cannot hide natural instincts. Why did you … Read More

blame in a sentence

We always blame the others, but never try to improve ourselves. You yourself are to blame. He accepted blame for … Read More

perform in a sentence

All the parts or organs of our body perform different functions. We have enough energy inside us to perform miracles, … Read More