industrial in a sentence

A large number of people shifted from the agricultural sector to the industrial sector in an attempt to earn better.

Almost all the leading industrial countries are participating in this fair.

An industrial spider was weaving a web.

Bombay is an industrial town. Cities have big factories and industrial centers.

Both agricultural and industrial growth is the need of time.

Computers have changed the industrial picture considerably.

Development in the industrial sector has given new opportunities in trade and employment to millions of people.

He has a factory in the industrial estate.

He has decided to open an industrial training institute in every town.

Industrial wastes, smoke, and gases are polluting the air in a bad way.

It became an important industrial country after tireless diligence.

It interferes with our industrial development.

Japan is an industrial country.

Many people work in industrial towns.

New factories and industrial centers were built.

One of the reasons for this is weak industrial growth in the country.

Ours is an industrial town with a rich grain market.

Plants and animals provide a wide range of industrial and biological materials.

She is an industrial designer.

Subsequently, this industrial growth has increased rates of unemployment as machines are replacing human labor.

The firefighters could not put out the fire at the industrial plant.

The industrial sector does not lag behind a bit.

They manufactured handicraft items that were losing their charm with the introduction of industrial goods.

This is an industrial city.

The vast disposal of sewage and industrial wastes has polluted our sources of water.

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