Opposite Of Rabid, Antonyms of Rabid, Meaning and Example Sentences

1Calm: “Calm” indicates being composed and free from agitation or extreme excitement. Example Sentence: Despite the tense situation, he remained calm and collected. Moderate: “Moderate” suggests being reasonable and avoiding extremes in behavior or opinions. Example Sentence: She presented a moderate viewpoint that considered both sides of the argument. Rational: “Rational” describes being logical and … Read more

Opposite Of Away, Antonyms of Away, Meaning and Example Sentences

1Here: “Here” indicates a location that is present or nearby. Example Sentence: Please come here and join us for dinner. Near: “Near” suggests being close in distance or proximity. Example Sentence: The park is located near the city center. Close: “Close” describes being near or in close proximity to a certain location. Example Sentence: The … Read more

Opposite Of Equality, Antonyms of Equality, Meaning and Example Sentences

2Inequality: “Inequality” indicates a lack of equality or fairness, often involving differences in treatment, status, or opportunities. Example Sentence: The social system perpetuated inequality among different socioeconomic groups. Discrimination: “Discrimination” suggests unfair treatment or prejudice based on characteristics like race, gender, or age. Example Sentence: The organization was criticized for practicing discrimination in its hiring … Read more

Opposite Of Faithful, Antonyms of Faithful, Meaning and Example Sentences

1Unfaithful: “Unfaithful” indicates not being loyal, reliable, or trustworthy. Example Sentence: He felt betrayed when he discovered that his partner had been unfaithful. Disloyal: “Disloyal” suggests a lack of loyalty or commitment to a person, cause, or relationship. Example Sentence: The disloyal employee leaked confidential information to competitors. Unreliable: “Unreliable” describes something or someone that … Read more

Opposite Of Stranger, Antonyms of Stranger, Meaning and Example Sentences

2Familiar: “Familiar” indicates someone or something that is recognized or known to you. Example Sentence: She greeted the familiar face with a warm smile. Acquaintance: “Acquaintance” refers to someone you know, although not as closely as a friend. Example Sentence: He introduced his new acquaintance to the group during the party. Friend: “Friend” describes someone … Read more

Opposite Of Enthusiastic, Antonyms of Enthusiastic, Meaning and Example Sentences

1Indifferent: “Indifferent” indicates lacking interest, enthusiasm, or strong feelings about something. Example Sentence: He seemed indifferent to the news of the upcoming event. Apathetic: “Apathetic” suggests showing a lack of interest, emotion, or enthusiasm. Example Sentence: The students were apathetic towards the proposed changes in the school curriculum. Uninterested: “Uninterested” describes not having a personal … Read more