teaches in a sentence

Television teaches and pleases us.

Our national flag teaches us the lesson of unity, peace and humanity.

He teaches us Sanskrit.

Who teaches you English?

He teaches me about how to get fit, healthy, happy and a peaceful person.

The Gita teaches us to face the problems of life boldly.

The geometry teachers asked the students to buy a compass box.

A child’s mind is alike blank sheet of paper on which parents and teachers can write anything.

In the modern materialistic age the teachers have lost the high status they used to enjoy in society.

Teachers give the test and students take the test.

He is a very obedient boy both to his parents and teachers.

He pays due respect to his teachers.

She teaches mathematics.

She teaches English to us.

The belly teaches all arts.

Experience teaches the unskilled.

She teaches English well.

He teaches us English.

Who teaches you Hindi ?

It teaches many good habits.

This course teaches basic skills in First Aid.

He teaches us music.

She teaches children.

This teaches him discipline.

She teaches us English.

That teaches him discipline.

It teaches man the proper use of time.

She is the teacher who teaches us English.

Who teaches you Economics ?

She teaches English to us.

Who teaches you painting ?

He teaches music.

He teaches Economics in a college.

Who teaches you History ?

She teaches me grammar.

He teaches them value of good conduct.

Who teaches you English?

It teaches us that we should think laterally.

He teaches in a very simple manner.

History teaches us this.

Take down all that your teacher teaches you in the class.

He teaches his subject well.

He teaches us grammar.

He teaches us Geometry.

He teaches information technology to students of electronics and computer sciences.

He teaches French.

He teaches two subjects – history and geography.

Who teaches you here?

I want to enroll in a course which teaches purely south Indian dishes.

Television teaches and pleases us.

The Gita teaches us to face the problems of life boldly.

He teaches us in a very interesting way.

He teaches in a school.

This is the lady who teaches us.

He teaches us Physics.

Sportmanship teaches us to obey.

He teaches me.

My teacher teaches me well.

He is the silent guru who teaches in silence.

Pregnancy teaches you a lot of things which you have not experienced ever before in life.

She teaches her how to walk.

She teaches third graders.

He teaches his brothers to do the right thing.

He teaches mathematics as well as English.

He teaches us history.

He teaches them how to speak Japanese.

He teaches arts and crafts in a school.

He teaches English to his friends.

It is true that she teaches French.

Literature teaches us about humanity.

My mother teaches flower arranging.

My uncle teaches English at the university.

His wife teaches me Italian.

He teaches us French.

He currently teaches English in Japan.

She teaches her new words.

He teaches his brothers to do the right thing.

She teaches her how to walk.

He teaches English at this school.

Every movie I make teaches me something.

He teaches English conversation.

There is nothing in the world but teaches us some good lesson.

Who teaches you English conversation?

He teaches us English conversation.

He teaches the students English grammar.

It teaches them a sense of responsibility and they become self-dependent.

It teaches us to socialize and form opinions of our own.

Most importantly it teaches us discipline.

A very important thing which travelling teaches us is to enjoy nature.

It teaches us what relationships mean.

Hostel life teaches many lessons.

He teaches us about manners and ethics.

She is middle aged and teaches us English and music.

It teaches valuable lessons about human nature.

He teaches sincerely and enthusiastically.

It teaches them the importance of creating the perfect balance in life.

Gardening is a great exercise for both the body and the mind and also teaches patience.

It teaches us to move our body rhythmically and feel the beat of every song.

Watching your plants growing teaches patience.

This is what makes us strong and teaches us patience.

This initiative is important because it teaches the message of equality for all.

Friendship teaches you a lot about loyalty.

It teaches us the importance of friendship.

She teaches mathematics.

She teaches us to hold and walk with confidence and have belief in ourselves.

In everybody’s life the father is the first teacher who teaches us about good and evil.

Dussehra teaches us that good will always win over evil.

College life teaches us to be independent.

She teaches Mathematics and helps me with my homework.

Our school teaches us manners and goodwill and enlist good qualities in us.

It is made of love that teaches us to love others unconditionally.

Biology is a subject that teaches us about our Human body.

This proverb teaches us that real worship is work.

Friendship teaches us about loyalty and trust.

This book teaches us about the struggle during the great depression.

True friendship teaches us how to love others who are not our family.

Discipline teaches you to be responsible.

We consider all our fathers as our first superhero who teaches us about good and evil.

It is an activity that teaches a lot about facing challenges and overcoming our fears.

We use this proverb because it teaches us about the value of work.

Friendship is important in life because it teaches us a great deal about life.

Religion never teaches terrorism or tell followers to take the lives of other people.

Every religion and faith teaches its followers to be kind.

Friendship holds significant stature in life as it teaches unforgettable life lessons.

She teaches mathematics at the local high school.

He teaches English literature at the university.

The professor teaches a course on ancient history.

She teaches ballet to young aspiring dancers.

He teaches guitar lessons to beginners.

The coach teaches soccer skills to the team.

She teaches cooking classes at the community center.

He teaches yoga to promote relaxation and flexibility.

The instructor teaches swimming to children and adults.

She teaches computer programming to college students.

He teaches mindfulness meditation for stress relief.

The tutor teaches chemistry to struggling students.

She teaches art to a group of enthusiastic painters.

He teaches martial arts at the local dojo.

The therapist teaches coping strategies for anxiety.

She teaches astronomy and stargazing techniques.

He teaches a workshop on creative writing.

The trainer teaches strength and conditioning.

She teaches sign language to the hearing-impaired.

He teaches dance routines to the theater group.

The chef teaches culinary skills in a cooking school.

She teaches environmental science to raise awareness.

He teaches public speaking techniques to boost confidence.

The mentor teaches leadership skills to young professionals.

She teaches mindfulness practices for stress management.

He teaches financial literacy to empower individuals.

The guide teaches rock climbing safety and techniques.

She teaches foreign languages to international students.

He teaches a workshop on time management.

The conductor teaches musicians how to play together.

She teaches photography to budding photographers.

He teaches acting techniques in a theater class.

The therapist teaches communication skills for couples.

She teaches gardening tips and techniques.

He teaches self-defense for personal safety.

The trainer teaches cardio workouts for fitness enthusiasts.

She teaches mathematics in an engaging way.

He teaches life skills to at-risk youth.

The coach teaches basketball fundamentals.

She teaches French cuisine in a culinary school.

He teaches meditation for inner peace.

The instructor teaches horseback riding to beginners.

She teaches pottery and ceramic arts.

He teaches team-building exercises for corporate groups.

The tutor teaches physics concepts.

She teaches creative writing to inspire young authors.

He teaches mindfulness for stress reduction.

The therapist teaches strategies for overcoming phobias.

She teaches outdoor survival skills.

He teaches Spanish grammar and conversation.

The mentor teaches networking techniques.

She teaches public speaking to improve communication.

He teaches leadership skills for aspiring managers.

The guide teaches wilderness navigation.

She teaches organic gardening practices.

He teaches martial arts for self-defense.

The coach teaches soccer strategy.

She teaches dance choreography.

He teaches financial planning and budgeting.

The conductor teaches musical interpretation.

She teaches digital photography techniques.

He teaches acting improvisation.

The therapist teaches conflict resolution skills.

She teaches calligraphy and hand lettering.

He teaches mountain climbing techniques.

The trainer teaches circuit training workouts.

She teaches algebra concepts.

He teaches life coaching and personal development.

The instructor teaches horse training methods.

She teaches ceramic sculpture.

He teaches teamwork and collaboration.

The tutor teaches calculus.

She teaches screenwriting for aspiring writers.

He teaches meditation for relaxation.

The therapist teaches coping strategies for depression.

She teaches wilderness survival skills.

He teaches Italian language and culture.

The mentor teaches job interview techniques.

She teaches assertiveness and communication.

He teaches conflict resolution in the workplace.

The guide teaches birdwatching and identification.

She teaches sustainable farming practices.

He teaches self-defense for women.

The coach teaches basketball shooting techniques.

She teaches pottery wheel throwing.

He teaches financial literacy for teenagers.

The conductor teaches conducting techniques.

She teaches digital marketing strategies.

He teaches improvisational comedy.

The therapist teaches anger management skills.

She teaches woodworking and carpentry.

He teaches rock climbing safety procedures.

The trainer teaches HIIT workouts.

She teaches geometry concepts.

He teaches personal growth and empowerment.

The instructor teaches equestrian jumping.

She teaches jewelry making and design.

He teaches effective parenting techniques.

She teaches effective study habits.

He teaches storytelling techniques.

The tutor teaches trigonometry.

She teaches portrait photography.

He teaches financial planning for retirement.

The mentor teaches negotiation skills.

She teaches assertiveness in relationships.

He teaches time management for professionals.

The guide teaches wildlife tracking.

She teaches sustainable gardening methods.

He teaches self-defense for seniors.

The coach teaches volleyball serving techniques.

She teaches ceramics glazing techniques.

He teaches financial literacy for college students.

The conductor teaches music theory.

She teaches watercolor painting.

He teaches effective communication skills.

The therapist teaches stress management techniques.

She teaches wilderness survival skills to children.

He teaches Japanese language and culture.

The instructor teaches martial arts self-defense.

She teaches jewelry repair and restoration.

He teaches leadership and team-building workshops.

She teaches effective public speaking.

He teaches problem-solving techniques.

The tutor teaches algebraic equations.

She teaches landscape photography.

He teaches financial planning for young adults.

The mentor teaches conflict resolution in the workplace.

She teaches mindfulness meditation for beginners.

He teaches outdoor survival skills to scouts.

The guide teaches river kayaking techniques.

She teaches organic farming principles.

He teaches self-defense for children.

The coach teaches basketball dribbling skills.

She teaches ceramics hand-building.

He teaches financial literacy for high school students.

The conductor teaches music composition.

She teaches acrylic painting techniques.

He teaches negotiation and persuasion skills.

She teaches effective time management strategies.

He teaches wilderness navigation and orienteering.

The therapist teaches stress reduction techniques.

She teaches horseback riding to individuals with disabilities.

He teaches Spanish language and culture.

The instructor teaches self-defense for women’s empowerment.

She teaches jewelry design and craftsmanship.

He teaches conflict resolution and mediation.

She teaches effective communication in relationships.

He teaches problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The tutor teaches advanced calculus concepts.

She teaches landscape architecture and design.

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