shut in a sentence

Please shut the door.

Would you mind if I shut the window ?

Don’t shut your eyes to your faults.

Please shut the tap.

Will you shut the door ?

Please, shut the door.

You are requested to shut the door.

He has shut the window.

You have shut the window.

We should not shut our eyes to the ground realities.

Some body shut the door.

Will you shut up ?

It is time to shut up the shop.

Ask the waiter to shut the window.

That door doesn’t shut properly.

Please shut the door.

Shut the gate.

He has shut down the factory due to financial problems.

The debris has shut up the passage.

The door is shut from the inside.

Shut up.

Shut the door.

Don’t shut me out.

it is an open and shut case.

Let the door be shut.

Please shut the door.

I decided to shut up and sit down.

I kept the windows shut.

Keep windows shut to limit your exposure.

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