leave in a sentence

  1. We must leave no stone unturned to achieve greatness.
  2. You decide to leave her completely and forever.
  3. He went on leave for two days.
  4. Students bid farewell to each other when they leave the school.
  5. Everything will leave you one day and then either by choice or by force you will have to live only with yourself.
  6. Never leave till tomorrow, which you can do today.
  7. Thomas Alva Edison had to leave school at a young age.
  8. I have applied for an extension of leave.
  9. Leave stress, worries and cares behind and gently enjoy yourself.
  10. Why do you want us to leave?
  11. Don’t leave the tap running. Save water.
  12. Please don’t leave me here.
  13. He is on French leave.
  14. Do not leave things up to chance.
  15. Leave stress, worries and cares behind and gently enjoy yourself.
  16. Please fix up your room before you leave!
  17. You can not leave us here all night.
  18. Will you leave your son here so that he may help us ?
  19. leave this place.
  20. No one is to leave this building without the permission of the police.
  21. Are you going to leave without paying?
  22. You mustn’t leave your car unlocked.
  23. For that reason we did not like to leave it.
  24. He had decided to leave his job.
  25. We will leave as soon as he comes.
  26. You’d better leave him to do as he likes.
  27. We decided to leave him alone for a while.
  28. We’d better leave him alone.
  29. He is the last person to leave you in time of need.
  30. He let me leave the room.
  31. Her application for leave was refused.
  32. It was wise of her to leave home early.
  33. He was impatient to leave the party.
  34. I can’t leave this to others.
  35. I’m planning to leave for Europe next week.
  36. I would like to leave this town and never come back.
  37. Why did you leave the class yesterday?
  38. I want to leave early.
  39. The suspect was told not to leave town.
  40. Do you agree that we should leave now?
  41. I think it’s time for me to leave now.
  42. I want you to leave right now.
  43. He won’t leave us alone.
  44. He is the first to come and the last to leave at any party.
  45. A good lawyer would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend his client.
  46. She won’t leave the room
  47. I’d like to leave this book with you.
  48. I’ve decided to leave my work at the end of the month.
  49. Apply this paste on the blisters and leave it on for a few hours.
  50. We will leave in an hour.
  51. Don’t leave the riddle.

Synonyms of Leave

Back Away

  • Can you break away from your parents?


  • The police have registered a case against unknown persons for uprooting and trying to decamp with an ATM .


  • Illegible handwriting is a very great defect for a writer.
  • The defect is minor.
  • The accident occurred due to defect in signal-system.
  • The defect of this plan is that too much money will be needed to implement it.
  • There must be a defect in the experimental method.


  • How a vast desert was there !
  • They never desert us in our hour of need.
  • His boat was washed ashore on a desert island.
  • They will survey the desert island.
  • Those tribes inhabit the desert all year round.
  • She shall not desert me.
  • She will not desert me.


  • They are going to disappear in the near future.
  • Where did they disappear ?
  • The magician made the rabbit disappear.
  • My money seems to disappear by the end of the month.


  • The car fell into the ditch but the driver was able to save his life.
  • I will not let any convict ditch me.
  • They dug a ditch around their land.
  • Most women ditch the gym during periods because they think exercise might injure them.
  • He jumped over the ditch and fell to the ground.


  • They want to embark on some new business.
  • He resolved to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime enterprise.
  • You may embark on a long journey.


  • They are going to emigrate to America.


  • Prevention makes one escape completely from dangers and difficulties.
  • He had a narrow escape from the whirlpool.
  • He rushed out to escape the fire.
  • Man is unable to escape death.
  • Nobody can escape death.
  • I hope my mistake will escape his notice.


  • Please use this exit when there is a fire.


  • If a tiger came here, all will flee away.
  • All would flee away, if a tiger came into the room.
  • I would rather die than flee from the battlefield.
  • People began to flee away.
  • He will flee from you.
  • He will flee from you.


  • If I were a bird I would fly to America.
  • This will fly like a bird.
  • My father can fly an airplane.


  • She can never forsake her self-respect.
  • My kitchen is one of the best places in the world and I cannot forsake it for anything.
  • He could not forsake his friend in trouble.
  • I won’t forsake you.
  • Don’t forsake me!
  • We made a bargain that we wouldn’t forsake each other.
  • I can’t forsake a friend in trouble.


  • Which hotel would you like to go Sir ?
  • I’d rather stay at home than go out.
  • He has decided not to go to the meeting.
  • I go to the bazaar every Sunday afternoon.
  • He pleaded with his mother to let him go to the party.
  • Don’t go in there
  • Would you like to go to a movie tomorrow night?

Go away

  • I have told them to go away from here.
  • He asked me to go away form there.
  • I won’t go away until you promise to help me.
  • The weakness will go away with the passage of time.
  • Don’t go away!
  • It’ll probably go away an hour or two from now.


  • Ragging has many a time become an issue to enrage all.


  • I am obliged to migrate from this college.
  • These birds migrate every winter.
  • These birds migrate to North Africa in winter.
  • Swallows migrate to a warm climate.


  • I must move now.


  • I took part in the party.
  • I am familiar with this part of town.
  • I will part company with her.
  • The architecture in this part of the city is ugly.
  • I took part in the contest.
  • He played a minor part in the play.
  • We wish to quote a part of your paper in our new catalog.
  • Will you explain the last part in detail?”
  • For my part I have no objection to the plan.
  • I take part in your enterprise.
  • I have to part with my old furniture.


  • We are quite sure your honesty.
  • You are quite right.
  • I think it will take quite some time.
  • It’s quite sometime since we met.
  • I am quite in time for the bus.
  • I had reserved my seat, so I traveled quite comfortably.
  • I see him quite often.


  • I have been forced to relinquish that opinion.


  • He gave it forth that he was going to retire from politics.
  • When do you retire ?
  • I suggest that you retire early.
  • Circumstances have compelled him to retire from the contest.
  • He will retire before a month has passed.
  • He might retire early.

Say goodbye

  • Do you want to say goodbye to our visitors?
  • I’m sorry, but you’re too late to say goodbye to her.
  • Try and limit the usage of these products and say goodbye to acne forever!
  • Go say goodbye to them before they leave.”
  • He always forgets to say goodbye to people when leaving.”
  • He set out on his long tour.

Set out

  • I set out for Bombay.
  • He set out his ideas in clear English.
  • He set out on a pilgrimage.
  • We decided to set out though it was late.
  • He set out to recover his losses.
  • He set out for Canada yesterday.
  • He set out on a trip.
  • We set out traps for catching cockroaches.


  • He played his cards very well and caused a split in the opposition.
  • Who first split the atom?
  • The two of us split up last year.


  • It is time to start now.
  • I would start a general movement.
  • A lot of people start their day with a glass of hot water.
  • Please take off your shoes and sit down here.
  • He had to take off his coat.

Take off

  • Please take off your shoes and be comfortable.
  • Please take off your shoes.


  • You had to vacate your house.
  • He will not vacate the house before a month will have passed.
  • You will have to vacate the house.
  • You had better vacate the room.


  • How much money can we withdraw at a time ?
  • You must withdraw all your money from it.










Antonyms of Leave


  • They arrive here in time.
  • The train will arrive soon.
  • The train cannot arrive before we will reach.
  • No sooner did the doctor arrive than the patient died.
  • when the next train will arrive.
  • Can you tell me when the train will arrive ?


  • If you don’t put in labor, you will come to grief.
  • Please come here.

Come in

  • They come in all sizes.
  • If you come in time, we shall start early.
  • It may come in the beginning,.
  • Don’t come in the night.
  • Many a great occasion has come in my life.
  • Should you come in time, I would give you a prize.
  • He must come in time.
  • He will come in the morning.
  • I am glad that you have come in time.
  • I shall go if you come in time.


  • We do not know whether the action is complete or not.
  • Read the newspaper headlines given below and complete the sentences that follow
  • He expressed complete satisfaction.


  • I shall continue my studies.
  • We are sure that you will continue extending your patronage to us in future too.
  • We hope that you will continue to patronize us as ever.
  • It is not possible for me to continue my studies in this college.
  • His resolve to continue with the project has fallen by wayside.


  • This enables me to see and face my present trouble.
  • It’s to see your face well.
  • He had to face a barrage of questions from the press.
  • They were very brave in the face of great danger.
  • It is not always easy to face reality.
  • The moon hid her face in the cloud.


  • You had better finish your work.
  • You have to finish your work.
  • Let me go on and finish my work.
  • Let me finish my work today.
  • You must finish your home work.
  • Somehow you must find a way to finish this work in one month.
  • He had to work as hard as he could to finish it in time.
  • He was at pains to finish his work.
  • She stayed up late to finish sewing your dress.
  • See that you finish your homework before supper.


  • People hold good opinion of us.
  • They asked him to hold his tongue and not to talk rot.
  • He was called upon to hold the inquiry.
  • This law does not hold good in this case.
  • He used to hold parties.


  • He may not join the army.
  • He wants to join the English Club.
  • Please join the two ends of the tape together.
  • Her application to join the party was rejected.
  • I’m going to join a demonstration.
  • I would like to join the summer camp.
  • I want to join his group.
  • I’ll join you later.


  • Are you thinking of what all similarities should be there in order to maintain the marriage?
  • Good quality wooden sofas will last you a lifetime if you maintain them properly.
  • They were help maintain a healthy blood pressure.


  • The school will remain closed tomorrow.
  • We shall remain here till you return.
  • You should remain vigilant while making new commitments.
  • He was told to remain standing all the way to go there.
  • He was not allowed to remain silent.
  • He asked her to remain in the job.
  • We wish to remain what we are.


  • Do not stay here.
  • He had to stay in bed.
  • Until what time does your pharmacy stay open?
  • I’ll stay at home tomorrow.
  • He wants you to stay here.
  • Did they have to stay there all day?
  • Don’t worry. I’ll stay with you.
  • Don’t stay up late every night.
  • Try to stay on her good side and you’ll be on easy street.
  • It is important for old people to stay strong.


  • The train did not stop at small stations.
  • Please stop talking.
  • They stop doing their homework.
  • She can’t stop sneezing.
  • It was hard for him to stop working.
  • He tried to stop her from talking to them.
  • Is there a bus stop nearby?
  • He didn’t stop smoking
  • He failed to see the stop sign at the intersection and hit an oncoming car.

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