noble in a sentence

Adult education is a noble work in which everybody can take part.

He is noble at heart.

He performed many noble deeds for humankind.

He is a man of noble character.

Love fills a person with noble feelings.

He belongs to a noble and gentle family.

Contentment makes a man noble, kind and virtuous.

He possesses many characteristics of a noble man.

The medical profession is a noble one.

One should have a noble aim.

Teaching is a noble profession.

I shall lead a noble life and cut down my own expenses so that I may help others to live better.

He is a noble-hearted and simple person.

He belonged to a noble and respectable family.

Good ideals will give rise to noble feelings which in turn will assure a brighter future.

Nursing is a well respected and noble profession.

An unselfish act is the most noble act.

Helping someone in need is a noble job,

A noble person is always respected.

Noble thoughts are of no use if they are not transformed into golden deeds.

An act of kindness is a noble act.

He came of a rich and noble family.

Wise people utilize their time in noble deeds.

That he is noble cannot be questioned.

Akbar was a noble king.

She is noble.

With all her weaknesses, she is a noble girl.

She was too noble to do such a mean thing.

He is too noble to lose temper

They never die who sacrifice themselves for a noble cause,

We should die for a noble cause.

You should join hands with us for this noble cause.

He is too noble to lose temper.

It is noble to help the poor.

He came of a family that was rich and noble.

She comes of a noble family.

His nobility cannot be questioned.

Those who die for a noble cause can never be considered to have died in vain.

They never fail who fail in a noble cause.

I have no suspicion about your noble intentions

The noble person loathes crime.

His restricted approach can lead to his failure in this noble mission.

I promise to do nothing which may smear the good name of our noble family.

It is a noble act.

He is a noble man.

He lives a noble life.

He was born in a noble family.

He came of a family, which was noble and rich.

He belongs to a noble family.

He is always followed noble principles.

She is a noble soul.

Teaching is a very noble profession.

He is so noble that he cannot be mean.

Forgiveness is a noble quality.

He is rich but not noble.

He belonged to a family that was rich and noble.

He came of a family which was rich and noble.

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