proposal in a sentence

I object to his proposal.

She will agree to your proposal.

I hope you will agree to my proposal.

This proposal seems absurd on the face of it.

I cannot assent to your proposal.

All his friends accepted the proposal.

I agree it is a nice proposal.

The Chancellor has given his assent to this proposal.

I agree to this proposal.

I am against this proposal.

I am not in the favour of this proposal.

If I was you I would not agree to that foolish proposal.

How can I agree with your proposal ?

I tired to persuade him to agree with your proposal.

My proposal was turned down by my boss.

I regret I can’t accept this proposal.

I agreed to his proposal.

He received a marriage proposal.

He fell in with my proposal.

The proposal of my marriage is untimely and immature.

She sent him a marriage proposal in the mail.

Your proposal is not acceptable to me.

He received a marriage proposal.

The manager has approved of my proposal.

Why should I object to your proposal ?

I have already given my assent to your proposal.

The Principal has accepted the proposal.

I agree to your proposal.

My proposal was rejected.

Everybody felt greatly amused at the proposal.

He acquiesced in my proposal.

I hope you will agree to my proposal.

They consented to the proposal reluctantly.

He has turned down our proposal.

II agree to your proposal.

This proposal is not feasible for the city.

Did you think about our proposal?

The project proposal outlines a detailed plan for implementing the new recycling program in the community.

Our team worked tirelessly on the business proposal to secure funding for our innovative startup idea.

The research proposal aims to investigate the effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems.

The government issued a request for proposals from construction firms for the development of a new public park.

The marriage proposal was a heartfelt moment, and she said yes with tears of joy in her eyes.

The proposal to increase taxes faced strong opposition from various interest groups.

We submitted a proposal to renovate the office space and create a more productive work environment.

The proposal for a new healthcare policy was met with mixed reactions from the public.

The board of directors unanimously approved the proposal to expand the company’s operations overseas.

The proposal to establish a mentorship program for employees was well-received by the management.

The proposal for a team-building workshop received positive feedback from the employees, who were eager to participate.

The grant proposal aims to secure funding for a community center that will provide educational resources and programs for underprivileged youth.

The environmental group submitted a proposal to the city council advocating for stricter regulations on plastic waste.

The marketing team presented a proposal for a new advertising campaign to boost product sales.

The proposal to upgrade the company’s IT infrastructure was justified by the potential increase in efficiency and security.

The proposal to host an international conference in the city was well-received by the tourism board, as it would attract a large number of visitors.

The non-profit organization’s proposal to renovate a historical building into a cultural center garnered support from local artists and historians.

The proposal to introduce flexible working hours was aimed at improving work-life balance for employees.

The research proposal outlines a study on the effects of social media on mental health among teenagers.

The proposal to introduce a new curriculum in schools was met with enthusiasm by educators, as it incorporated modern teaching methods.

The city council debated the proposal to allocate funds for the construction of a new public library.

The software development team pitched a proposal for a mobile app that would streamline customer support services.

The marriage proposal, which took place at the top of a mountain during a breathtaking sunset, left her speechless and filled with happiness.

The proposal to establish a scholarship program for talented students from low-income families was praised for its potential impact on education equality.

The proposal for a joint venture between two companies promises mutual benefits and expanded market reach.

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