especially in a sentence

I enjoy the variety of fruits, especially the mangoes and litchis.

This evening is especially cold.

I am creative, especially in the field of art and music.

Creativity helps us throughout our lives and sustains us, especially in an hour of distress.

We must respect our elders, especially our parents.

One needs sound health to build stamina for studies especially, when you are preparing for exams.

We should not use loudspeakers especially at night.

I especially enjoyed the beauty of sunset over the river.

I am very fond of collecting stamps, especially foreign.

I went there especially to see him.

I advise you to take light food and plenty of liquid, especially milk.

Keeping pets is becoming popular especially in the western countries.

Agriculture, especially in Western countries is highly mechanised.

Most of us are happy when we have regular work to do for our living, especially if the work is what we like to do.

Some relatives have come here, especially to meet him.

This is terribly harmful for your body, especially your heart.

I enjoy reading fiction, especially novels.

It will stand me in good stead especially in examination.

Stay away from alcohol especially when you are driving at .

Winters can spell havoc for the skin especially if you have dry skin.

Neem leaves are nature’s best boon to treat various ailments especially skin rash.

Grey hair can make you look dull and pale especially when you are young.

It is not especially hot today.

This is especially so in the vast regions of rural and remote India.

Cucumber is one among the healthiest foods to be had especially when the summer days are around.

Dark spots on the face can be annoying at times especially when it appears on your face.

Hair care is an essential part of our daily routine especially during winters.

Hair tends to get brittle if you wash it too much especially if you have long hair.

Many of us face the problem of uneven skin tone especially on the face.

No one likes to see a person cry especially women.

This is especially true .

Earache is a common problem, especially in children.

Take care of your health especially during the last phase.

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