especially in a sentence

I enjoy the variety of fruits, especially the mangoes and litchis.

This evening is especially cold.

I am creative, especially in the field of art and music.

Creativity helps us throughout our lives and sustains us, especially in an hour of distress.

We must respect our elders, especially our parents.

One needs sound health to build stamina for studies especially, when you are preparing for exams.

We should not use loudspeakers especially at night.

I especially enjoyed the beauty of sunset over the river.

I am very fond of collecting stamps, especially foreign.

I went there especially to see him.

I advise you to take light food and plenty of liquid, especially milk.

Keeping pets is becoming popular especially in the western countries.

Agriculture, especially in Western countries is highly mechanised.

Most of us are happy when we have regular work to do for our living, especially if the work is what we like to do.

Some relatives have come here, especially to meet him.

This is terribly harmful for your body, especially your heart.

I enjoy reading fiction, especially novels.

It will stand me in good stead especially in examination.

Stay away from alcohol especially when you are driving at .

Winters can spell havoc for the skin especially if you have dry skin.

Neem leaves are nature’s best boon to treat various ailments especially skin rash.

Grey hair can make you look dull and pale especially when you are young.

It is not especially hot today.

This is especially so in the vast regions of rural and remote India.

Cucumber is one among the healthiest foods to be had especially when the summer days are around.

Dark spots on the face can be annoying at times especially when it appears on your face.

Hair care is an essential part of our daily routine especially during winters.

Hair tends to get brittle if you wash it too much especially if you have long hair.

Many of us face the problem of uneven skin tone especially on the face.

No one likes to see a person cry especially women.

This is especially true .

Earache is a common problem, especially in children.

Take care of your health especially during the last phase.

Many people especially women go for rigorous exercise in order to lose weight

You should especially not drink on an empty stomach.

I like team sports, especially football and basketball.

Avoid eating curd in any form especially during the night.

It surely gets you ticked off especially when it is urgent.

When I get a compliment especially for my sporty look, it boosts my confidence.

This yogasana is especially for kids.

The color of one’s skin matters, especially in case of prospective brides.

Love is not easy especially when you are in love with a person who values career more than anything else.

Use this your everyday moisturiser especially before going to bed.

Most of us could be very quick to lose temper especially when we are stressed out.

I enjoyed the match very much especially because I managed to take three important wickets.

This becomes true especially when it comes to the husband-wife relationship.

A date is a girls best experience to have in life especially if it is her first one.

It is a great choice for everyone especially those who are environment-friendly.

The newspaper is an excellent information provider and educator for young minds especially for those who are interested in the field of politics economy and business.

The developing nations especially are in dire need of health education.

There is hardly any time left for students to do other activities especially when he is studying in higher classes.

White patches especially if it occurs on the face can make one feel uneasy and uncomfortable to gather in a public space.

Piercing especially the ears and nose is a relatively common practice.

People are now using air purifiers especially the indoor ones to curb air pollution.

Being a role model to someone is not an easy task especially if you focus on being a role model.

You are advised to stay away from alcohol especially when you are driving at .

The nuisance of sound pollution is steadily on the rise especially in urban cities and areas.

One should take extra care, especially during the changing seasons by using mosquito repellents.

On a rainy day, we can get splashed with all sorts of germs and dirt, especially if were in particularly muddy grounds.

Diabetes is a major issue especially if it is the type B.

It has been observed that after Diwali celebrations the air quality degrades to a great extent.

India has had a lot of true patriots especially during the British reign.

Women think twice before stepping out of their homes especially at the night.

Several people especially the laborers lost their jobs.

There are several benefits of knowing more than one language especially when working outside one’s hometown.

The youth is especially one of the most dominant users of social media.

The school-going children especially look forward to it so they can get a break from their studies and monotonous routine.

Air heater is especially bad for heart patients and asthma patients, .

It removes any kind of discrimination especially for people belonging to different economic backgrounds.

Any judiciary is an integral part of a country especially democracy.

Lots of ups and down this week, especially in relationships.

Domestic violence especially against women is a serious social issue.

She was especially selected for the post.

He is my role model because he dedicated his entire life to the country and its people especially school children.

Female foeticide has been in practice for periods especially for the families who have a preference only male child.

Waste plastic bags are the main reason for trapping the drains and sewers especially during rains.

This vitamin is good in clotting of blood especially after an injury.

It is especially cold this morning.

Pimples are a pain, especially when they turn bright red and leave scars on your face.

There is a famous saying that only a woman and that too especially a mother can convert a house into a livable home.

Timber is used especially for building.

Most noteworthy one must memorize what one’s friend says especially if it’s something important.

There are several tips to skincare that you should follow while going out especially in summers.

The season is rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables especially the mango.

It was enjoyable especially with all the greenery and the chirping of the birds.

Feminism has had a life-changing impact on everyone especially women.

This book is especially difficult to read.

I as her child will always do my best to make her happy and comfortable all the time especially when she becomes old.

This is done especially for children to protect their eyes from getting damaged at an early stage.

I love sports especially football.

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