outdated in a sentence

Superfluous, outdated matter should be deleted.

His stock consists mostly of outdated things.

Outdated things and people are just left behind by the world.

The machinery in this plant is outdated.

He has tried to present outdated thoughts in a modern way.

We must not use outdated security system.

This is outdated fire-fighting equipment.

These scientific equipments are obsolete and outdated.

The directives are outdated and need amendment to match ground realities.

It is totally outdated to deal with the present-day situation.

Most of the liquor was outdated and not fit for human consumption.

Going out for a dinner on the first date is an outdated idea.

It is an outdated concept.

We live in a society where many traditional and outdated rituals are coming to an end.

It looks outdated.

At one point in time, big bindis were considered outdated and ugly.

One colour ties are now outdated.

She has never worn an outdated outfit.

Expressing love never gets outdated or become old fashioned.

The new things of today inevitably become old and outdated.

All these ideas are outdated.

Most of the jewellery is outdated too.

I have always found most of my teachers outdated.

The machineries in this plant are outdated.

Synonyms of Outdated

antiquated, obsolete, out-of-date, rusty, old, old-fashioned, archaic, ancient, medieval,

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