even in a sentence

Your table does not have an even surface.

They use goggles and sun goggles even in winter.

Science has even pushed further the threats of death and increased the average life of man.

My grandfather is hale and hearty even at the age of 71.

We should have the courage to take even the greatest risk.

Truth will remain truth even if there is not a single follower of it.

You should get up before the sun rises even if you have no tasks to do.

If you turn round several times like a spinning top, you begin to feel giddy and may even fall down.

I never try to get even with anyone.

Even a powerless man can help others.

It is very upsetting to even think of it.

I don’t get even a square meal a day.

How can you even think of marrying me?

Are you even half as happy as you pretend to be?

Why was he even thinking like this?

I don’t even know your name.

Good friends can even understand the feelings from faces.

I don’t regret even if I do not win the prize.

Not only children but even grown- ups enjoy this fun.

He never gives himself airs, and is friendly even to the poorest.

He had no money even for his food.

If you are feeling fatigued in the middle of the day even without working a lot or feel sleepy all the time, it’s time to go for a check up.

He even came to meet them but to no avail.

I keep a strict workout regime, even during busy shooting schedules.

Are you not losing weight even after exercising regularly?

She can even tell lies!

She didn’t even have the courtesy to say that she was sorry.

I’ll get even with you.

It is cold there even in summer.

He did even better than was expected.

I can’t even speak English very well.

I will go even if it rains.

I don’t want to put her to even a small inconvenience.

I have not even begun yet.

It’s not even worth mentioning.

He doesn’t even drink beer”

He can’t go without wine even for a day.

We shouldn’t waste even one grain of rice.

I don’t even have a single girlfriend.

Water is so important that we can hardly do without it even for a day.

He can’t go without beer even for a day.

He doesn’t know even the proper way of greeting people.

He took a cold bath even in winter.

He excelled in music even as a child.

He can’t even read.

Because it is written in simple English even a child can understand it.

You must do it even if you don’t want to.

Attention should be paid to even the smallest detail of the report.

It is useless even if I discuss with you.

It’s not even worth a thought.

I cannot even boil water.

He will not tell a lie even if he is bribed.

The whole nation is reeling under dengue threat with almost every state reporting a rise in the number of dengue cases and even deaths.

You don’t even try to help me.

I can not repay even a small fraction of it.

He won’t help her even if she needs help.

He does not leave you in peace even in your home.

He continued to do so even when he was at college.

I was not even born then?

He didn’t even speak.

She can’t take even water.

She can’t even stand.

This book is as good as, or even better than that.

What to speak of helping, he did not even see me.

I will not wait even for a second.

He is so great that he forgives even his enemies.

He said that even if it rained hard he would go that day.

There was no way of moving even an inch.

As the crow flies, the distance would be even shorter.

Why say sorry for something you haven’t even done?

I felt even smaller.

This book is so easy that even a child can read it.

I don’t even have time to read.

A teacher can influence his students even when he is away from them.

Although he was not well, he went to school.

At times it even cures headaches and acidity.

But when my sister tries to knit, she finds it really hard and cannot do it well even if she tries very hard.

Calorie dense foods cause weight gains even when eaten in small quantities.

Do not interrupt even if you need to defend yourself.

For days together, they have to go even without a bath.

He did not even touch upon the subject during his speech.

He had not even ten paise with him to buy a loaf of bread.

He is hoping against hope.

He showed generosity even to his enemies.

He travels a lot as part of his job and even visits your city two or three times a month.

He will not be frightened even at the fall of the sky.

He’s so ungrateful – he didn’t even say thank you.

However, with proper training even this factor can be overcome.

I could not have even a wink of sleep.

I even got them drinking.

I kept tossing in the bed and could not enjoy even a wink of sleep.

I shall not insist on a regular grade or even a full time job.

I will not mind it even if you pay me later on.

In Africa, some tribes live in houses in the tops of trees, or even in houses perched on stilts.

In fact, we may even have difficulty in getting food itself!

It is easy and even practiced by some celebrities.

It is the summer season, one cannot do without a fan or a cooler even for a minute.

It may even sometimes be possible to do homework on a phone and send it to the teacher.

Like any other addiction even this addiction could have serious .

Many women wear bra all through the day and even while they sleep.

On growing up, she became so well-known nurse that world remembers her even today.

Should I read even when there is no school ‘?

Some even sneeze and catch cold.

Such cameras could be used even by a child.

Such types of twisted comments hurt even more than any direct objection.

The benefits can be experienced even after 24 hours.

The game will be played even if it rains.

The mobile phone has become a must-have for even the lower income group of people.

They are found in bazaars, bus stands, railway stations and even in the trains.

They could not earn even a single medal.

They do not inhale even fresh air.

They keep grumbling over even small matters.

They may even do the things that they saw in a violent show.

They say that through your marketing tactics you can sell a pair of combs even to a bald.

Those who love the silence of the mornings can even meditate by rising early.

We are not even kidding.

We can notice it even today.

We do it without even realizing it sometimes.

We shall succeed, even if he does not help us.

Will you be working even in holidays?

Machine has rendered modem man a dependent, a slave who can’t even think of life without machine.

Public opinion cannot be suppressed very easily even if any systematic attempt is made to do so.

Not even you can persuade me.

I would not do it even if you paid me.

He showed generosity even to his enemies.

He jested even as he lay dying.

She has large coal and iron mines and has prospered even by exporting surplus coal.

I would not do it even if you paid me.

He jested even as he lay dying.

This machine can be handled even by a child.

You and I have not been even consulted.

It does not matter even if we have lost all.

I remember one such incident which remains sticking to my memory even today.

I could not help laughing up my sleeve at the nonsense he talked even though I pretended to be impressed.

You must keep up your countenance even if someone acts very foolishly.

People who keep a fast do not even drink water the whole day.

On this particular day married women fast the whole day without even drinking water.

Why can’t we make even programme computers and robots imaginative and creative?

It is a fact that even surveys cant determine what women want.

He even collaborated with other kings who were hostile .

He did not have even a rupee with him to buy a loaf of bread.

He is fit as a fiddle even in old age.

I was not bringing with me even my own earnings.

We shall go ahead with the journey, even if he does not join.

I shall not leave you even if you hurt me.

Some people even get their body pierced with iron rods.

The new entrants are slapped, beaten and even asked to take off their clothes.

They are even ready to lay down their lives for the sake of the country.

Improvement is noticeable even in provision of sports facilities.

Painless and even bloodless operations are carried out without difficulty.

Man has even reaches the moon.

About ten years back, the prices of cell phones were so high that middle class people could not even think of owning them.

Human hands and even scientific machines take time to do things.

They accept them and do what they want to do in life, even if it is late.

He even shifted his capital from Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri for smooth functioning of the administration.

One may even live for a hundred years or more.

It is a shame that even after sixty five years of Independence women are still exploited.

New ideas often need to be implemented quickly, even if on a pilot scale.

A healthy diet is a key to everything even for how to improve dental health.

This made the night look even darker.

He cannot even have a sound sleep.

They were even against the education of women.

They even jump over the boundary walls to steal the eatables.

Do not interrupt even if you need to defend yourself.

It tempts man more quickly than even wealth.

They even change the course of history.

He has not even a single penny with him.

What to speak of English, he does not know even Punjabi.

After all even these common chillies are spicy.

I was not even born then.

I shall not leave you even if you hurt me.

It is a pity that even long-route buses are in a pitiable condition.

He is fit as a fiddle even in old age.

She is even more vain than we expected.

Some fathers are so strict that they do not look over even the slightest fault in their children.

My friend told me that during his stay at Shimla, he took his bath daily even during the winter.

Sometimes he does not even turn up on working days.

During my stay at Shimla, I took my bath daily even during the winter.

I will join a college even if my parents are against it.

Such types of twisted comments hurt even more than any direct objection.

I never met him nor even heard of him before.

There is not even a draught of water in the jug.

She even hurt herself.

Do not be depressed, even if you fail.

There are hidden areas where some people extract illicit liquor and sell it freely even to college going students.

He did not even look after the cattle properly.

He had not even a ten paisa bit with him to buy a loaf of bread.

We have duties to our families, to our neighbors, to the society, to the country and even to ourselves.

My friend’s father is hale and hearty even at the age of eighty two.

He didn’t even warn them to disperse.

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