harmony in a sentence


There is perfect harmony among the different communities of this taste

People of different religions should live together in harmony.

The aim and objective of education should be proper integration and harmony between feeling, thinking and doing.

He is peaceful and lives in harmony with his surroundings.

Can we maintain peace and harmony with jealousy and acrimony?

We can be in harmony with others only when we are in harmony with ourselves

India is a country of saints and seers who have always preached the lesson of love, harmony, co-operation and respect for each other’s sentiments.

Human beings of all times and places were trying to find harmony and proper balance in their lives.

we should strive to live in harmony.

This is a world where harmony, equality, and justice prevail.

Harmony is our strength.

It is the demand of time that we maintain peace, unity and harmony.

We have to nurture unity and strengthen the bridge of harmony.

Yoga brings mind, body in harmony.

Social harmony is the first requirement for a successful nation.

Harmony can reduce tension.

They strived to work for emotional oneness and harmony of the country.

An essay writing competition was organised on communal Harmony in our school.

Harmony neutralizes discord.

We should strive hard to maintain harmony.

Do not fight, live in harmony.

They can bring about a communal harmony in the country.

This will help in promoting national integration and communal harmony.

There is harmony in beauty.

He spoke on the subject of communal harmony.

He does his best to create communal harmony in the society.

There is harmony between his thoughts and actions.

We must try to attain harmony in our relationship with others.

She is the parent of peace and harmony.

All people should live in harmony.

This state is known for communal harmony.

Movies depicting communal harmony should be shown.

Communal harmony is the need of the hour.

We must try to attain harmony in our relationship with others.

There is harmony between his thoughts and actions.

Movies depicting communal harmony should be shown.

He did not lose heart and kept on his effort to establish communal harmony in the country.

It will bring in peace and harmony in your life.

Keep peace and harmony in your house.

They lived in harmony with each other.

They worked in perfect harmony with each other.

She is in harmony with all her classmates.

The color of the carpet is in harmony with the wall.

We must learn to live in harmony with nature.

My dog and cat live in harmony with each other.

They live in harmony with nature.

His ideas were out of harmony with the times.

He is in harmony with all his classmates.

He seems to live in harmony with all his friends.

We should not be lazy and work with harmony with the huge desire to progress.

The orchestra played with perfect harmony, creating a breathtaking symphony that mesmerized the audience.

The colors in the painting blended in harmony, creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.

The diverse group of individuals worked together in harmony, embracing their differences and achieving remarkable results.

The architect designed the building with great attention to harmony, ensuring that each element complemented the others seamlessly.

The family gathered around the dinner table, enjoying a meal filled with laughter and harmony.

The collaborative effort of the team members was a testament to their ability to work in harmony, leading to a successful project completion.

The new garden design aimed to achieve harmony by incorporating a balanced combination of flowers, shrubs, and trees.

The chef skillfully combined flavors in harmony, resulting in a delicious and well-balanced dish.

The choir’s voices blended in perfect harmony, filling the church with an angelic and uplifting sound.

The treaty was signed to promote harmony among the neighboring countries, aiming to resolve disputes peacefully.

The architecture of the ancient temple reflected the principles of harmony, symmetry, and balance, showcasing the civilization’s understanding of aesthetics.

The therapist helped the couple communicate better and find harmony in their relationship, resolving long-standing conflicts.

The dancers moved in harmony with the music, their graceful motions captivating the audience.

As the team leader, she ensured harmony within the group by encouraging open communication and fostering a supportive atmosphere.

The artist’s abstract painting evoked a sense of harmony through the play of colors and shapes, leaving room for individual interpretation.

The ecological park was designed with harmony in mind, providing a natural habitat for various species while offering an educational and recreational space for visitors.

In traditional Eastern philosophies, achieving inner harmony is seen as a path to inner peace and contentment.

The city’s architecture integrated modern structures with historic buildings, maintaining a sense of harmony with the surrounding environment.

The orchestra conductor’s skillful guidance allowed the musicians to play in harmony, resulting in a flawless performance.

During the meditation session, participants focused on finding harmony within themselves, letting go of stress and distractions.

The choreographer designed the dance routine to emphasize the dancers’ unity and harmony, symbolizing the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

The environmentalists worked tirelessly to restore the fragile ecosystem, seeking to establish harmony between human activities and nature.

The garden’s design incorporated elements of Zen principles, creating a space for meditation and inner harmony.

In the workplace, fostering harmony between different departments and teams contributed to improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

The family’s holiday celebration was a testament to their love and understanding, as they celebrated the festivities in harmony, cherishing each other’s company.

The art installation aimed to represent the delicate balance and harmony between humanity and the natural world, provoking deep reflections on our impact on the environment.

The collaborative effort between musicians from different cultural backgrounds resulted in a unique and harmonious fusion of musical styles.

The company’s values were aligned with a commitment to social harmony, reflected in their support for various community initiatives.

The peaceful coexistence of diverse wildlife in the national park demonstrated the delicate harmony of nature’s interconnected ecosystems.

The architect’s use of natural materials and sustainable design principles aimed to create harmony between the building and its surroundings.

The town’s annual multicultural festival celebrated the richness of diversity and promoted harmony among its residents.

The politician’s speech emphasized the importance of unity and harmony to overcome societal challenges and divisions.

In Eastern philosophies, the concept of Yin and Yang represents the balance and harmony of opposing forces in the universe.

The children’s choir sang in perfect harmony, their innocent voices captivating the hearts of all who listened.

The book club provided a platform for open discussions, where members could share different perspectives in a spirit of harmony and respect.

The community garden brought neighbors together, fostering a sense of harmony and camaraderie among its participants.

The ballet troupe rehearsed diligently to achieve the precise movements required for a harmonious and visually stunning performance.

The orchestra conductor emphasized the importance of listening to one another to achieve musical harmony, as each instrument played its part.

The retreat center offered workshops on achieving personal harmony, helping participants find balance in their busy lives.

The school’s curriculum included lessons on cultural harmony, promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse heritages.

The therapeutic massage provided a sense of harmony and relaxation, easing the tensions held within the body.

The urban planning project aimed to create harmony between modern infrastructure and preserving historical landmarks.

The community theater’s production exemplified harmony among the cast, as they seamlessly portrayed their characters and emotions.

The seaside town’s architecture was designed to blend with the coastal landscape, preserving the natural harmony of the area.

The workshop encouraged participants to explore the relationship between art and emotion, seeking to achieve harmony through creative expression.

The orchestra conductor’s passionate direction brought out the true harmony of the music, evoking powerful emotions in the audience.

The spiritual retreat provided an environment of peace and harmony, allowing participants to reconnect with their inner selves.

The peace negotiations aimed to find common ground and restore harmony in the war-torn region.

The family’s laughter and love filled the home with a sense of harmony, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The therapist used mindfulness techniques to help clients find inner harmony and cope with life’s challenges.

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