own in a sentence

Every free nation of the world has its own flag.

Everything has its own importance.

Every region has its own festivals and its own customs.

Every game has its own rules and regulations.

Chart your own time-table for the daily activities.

He has great faith in God and has recorded several hymns in his own voice.

On which day did India gets its own Constitution?

A good organizer never imposes his own viewpoint forcefully.

They want to grind their own axe by hook or by crook.

Man has been killing animals for his own use.

It is a fact that today man is his own greatest enemy.

Plants which manufacture their own food by a process called photosynthesis.

Man is the master of his own fate.

Better you check your own luggage before blaming me for any lost articles.

He had killed his own father.

He had his own fertile field for cultivation

We are going to start our own business soon.

He was engrossed in his own thoughts.

Go away and mind your own business.I want to make my own decisions.

He was lost in his own thoughts.

We are too irresponsible to pay heed to our own duties.

Every man is the architect of his own fortune.

The ghostly figure in the dark was a creation of my own brain.

Every season has its own charm and beauty.

He generally comes in his own car.

The stars and the planets follow their own fixed movements.

I have my own likes and dislikes.

One should not try to impose one’s own will over other.

They don’t care for their own or anybody else’s life.

I want my own room.

She was murdered in cold blood by her own husband.

Each fair and festival has its own meaning and significances.

Give the summary of the poem in your own words.

To observe traffic rules is necessary for our own safety.

He indulged in servile flattery of the boss to grind his own axe.

Everybody has his own style of signature.

He had his own principles of life and acts upon them.

Traitors spy against their own countries.

She’s a prisoner in her own house.

She was lost in her own emotions-

I saw it with my own eyes.

I have my own business in Chennai.

He left this job at his own will.

Mind your own business and leave us alone.

Did he own up to his mistake?

Did you have to do that at your own expense?

Does she have money in her own name?

Everybody is trying to grind his own axe.

I will pay for this meal out of my own pocket.

Why do you want to know more about their plans?

The number of people who own computers is increasing.

Give in your own words the sum and substance of the passage.

I have my own likes and dislikes.

I think I will get good job and will have my own source of income.

Do your own work.

He resumed work in his own country.

Every season has its own beauty, its own pleasures and pains.

Every season s own pleasures and pains.

He has got into trouble with his own fault.

It is true that we have failed, but it is not through our own fault.

Everyone should mind his own business.

He came on his own bike.

The committee has arrived at this decision in their own interest.

He shouts in his own way.

Each has its own significance.

He did not care for his own life.

Man is his own friend or foe.

Flatters are very clever people who know how to grind their own axe.

A guilty man dreads his own shadow.

I own a restaurant.