efforts in a sentence

We should make efforts for progress.

Depend upon your own efforts and pray to God to let you succeed.

The government is making efforts for the rural development.

Through his efforts, he made life easier for me.

His efforts bore fruit because of his consistent labour.

Triumphs don’t come without efforts.

His efforts went in vain.

He persisted in his efforts and became successful.

In spite of his best efforts, he could not win any prize.

We should work with dedicated efforts.

I achieved everything with my dedicated efforts.

I have put in the efforts to study the beauty and aesthetics market in this country.

Do not belittle or obstruct the efforts of others, fearing they may overshadow your own.

All his efforts ended in smoke.

It took many years for the culmination of his efforts.

Cares and worries undermine your efforts.

His efforts succeeded in sending her out of India.

At last his efforts were crowned with success.

All his efforts came to nothing in the long run.

All his efforts to succeed in the I.A.S. examination have ended in smoke.

He made many efforts but failed.

She continued making efforts.

Your efforts will certainly bear fruit one day.

Who had left no stone unturned in my efforts to save the company

Our efforts will bear fruit.

My efforts resulted in nothing

All his efforts went in vain.

Nothing can be gained by us without efforts.

He persevered in his efforts and gained victory.

He was rewarded for his efforts.

As a result of my efforts you will be swimming within a week.

His efforts to reconcile the two enemies proved of no avail.

The country has to make vigorous efforts to solve the unemployment problem.

His unceasing efforts brought him success.

His efforts were at last crowned with success.

All his efforts to get the job of a lecturer ended in smoke.

Notwithstanding his best efforts, he did not fare well in the interview.

Books are by far the most lasting products of human efforts.

God has blessed your efforts with success.

We should earn ourselves through our own efforts.

They spur us to continue our efforts.

They were successful in their efforts.

He persisted with his efforts.

His efforts met with failure.

Knowledge acquired by our own efforts serves us best in our life.

Ambition gives the right direction to all our efforts.

You are not getting the fullest results of your efforts.

All the efforts failed.

You have to make efforts to get 1st division.

We should make efforts to do noble deeds.

Your strenuous efforts have borne fruit.

All my efforts went in vain.

All my efforts were fruitless.

I have failed in my efforts to have any social contact with him.

It is our duty to make efforts to achieve an aim.

All progress is the result of combined efforts.

Great tasks require persistent and steady efforts.

Your efforts are promising.

In spite of our best efforts, the magazine could not be brought out in time.

In spite of his best efforts, he could not get the job.

He made vigorous efforts to win top position in the examination.

I hope my sincere efforts will be rewarded with success.

He made no further efforts.

All my efforts to reform him have ended in smoke.

The senior students turned out be excellent actors and their efforts were met with well-deserved applause.