sad in a sentence

His memories make me sad.

This sad news gave us a shock.

Why do you look so sad and gloomy to-day ?

Are you sad ?

I came to know why he was sad.

It is very sad that you have failed in the examination.

He is sad and lonely in life.

I do not know why you look so sad today.

Why are you looking so sad ?

It is very sad news.

I am sad that my mother is no more.

Why are you so sad ?

This sad news alarmed us.

Why are you so sad today?

He is sad.

He was not sad.

We can cheer up a sad heart with a kind word.

He was not sad.

Tears welled up in her eyes on hearing the sad news of her son’s death.

I feel a bit sad about that.

We feel a bit sad.

It was a sad day for Sita when her mother died.

People generally become sad in difficult times.

They are sad and disappointed.

Who broke this sad news?

She gave a sad smile.

The parents of the bride were sad over the departure of their daughter.

She looks very sad today.

In everyone’s life there are sad moments.

He is not sad.

I am sad.

I have heard his sad story.

He appears to be sad.

She had hardly stepped out when she got the sad news.

He was sad and disappointed.

He was sad at its foolishness.

Why are you sad ?

We heard the sad news.

Why is she sad ?

Do you know why she is sad ?

It is sad that she is very ill.

It was a sad news.

How sad he is !

How sad she was !

He was sad and tearful when he heard the tragic news.

He was sad since he had suffered a great loss.

We can cheer up a sad heart with a kind word.

Hear my sad story.

He burst into tears when he heard the sad news.

It is fine to feel disappointed and feel sad at times but come out of it and make your mind active and joyful all the time.

What a sad story this is!

How sad he looks!

He wore a sad look.

I am sad to hear it.

I felt very sad when I heard the news.

How sad that girl looks!

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