every in a sentence

My friends and I play badminton every evening.

Every village should have a primary health centre.

Teachers’ day is celebrated in our school every year.

Good habits repay you in every sphere.

Every Sunday I fly kites from my terrace.

30th January every year is the martyrdom day of Gandhi ji.

Time is the most important factor in every success story.

He tries to learn good things from every person.

Modeling is her passion and every moment she spends on the ramp is special to her.

He goes there every day.

I look forward to Christmas every year.

When I was at school a group of us used to go to the cinema every Monday.

I read every day.

I go to school every day.

I will make every effort to please him,

Fatima had every comfort of life at home.

I faced every kind of danger that you can imagine.

Since you left, I have missed you every single day.

I missed you every day.

I have searched this book in each and every bookstore in the area, but could not find it.

Do you play tennis every day ?

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

We must make the best use of every minute given to us by God.

Work is necessary for every human beings.

I run short of money at the end of every month.

He danced and we enjoyed every bit of it!

Hotels have come up at every nook and corner in the area.

Rotten vegetables and fruits lie scattered in every nook and corner of the market.

Prices have soared every year.

The first word of every sentence should be capitalized.

Prices are going up every day.

We played tennis after school every Saturday.

Where do you get on the bus every day?

How often do you go to the movies every month?

He jogged in the park every day.

She exercises every day at a fitness club.

It is good for your health to take a walk every morning.

Take good care of what you eat and drink every day.

She turned down every proposal.

She goes to the library every other day.

Not every student studying law can be a lawyer.

He drinks coffee every evening.

He writes to his mother every week.

He comes here every day.

He writes to his mother every week.

He came to see us every three days.

It rained every day during my holidays.

This is a common question every bride asks herself.

You have to change the blotting-paper every day.

This is one of the most common problems which is faced in every tall storey building.

He never wears smart clothes.

I drive past the hospital every morning.

We go to Greece every summer.

I submit it to every candid mind

He cycles to school every day.

They go to church every Sunday.

Air and water are being polluted every day.

He says that he goes to the temple every day.

I go to the temple every day.

The policemen on duty try to control the situation every time there is a trouble.

Because he is good, every one likes him.

I purchase a lottery ticket every week.

How long does he run every day?

This is what I had been saying every day.

She plays on the harmonium every day.

He runs every day.

Does he run every day?

There is an exception to every rule.

We hear about different scams every day.

She eats fruits every day.

She is spending hours working out every day and her family .

I used to go out for a walk every morning.

I visit the market almost every day to cater to the various needs of the household.

She says her prayers every night.

He used to go out for a walk every morning.

Keep every thing in order.

He hears every syllable correctly.

Let us promise to do a good turn every day.

Her visits to salon pay off well.

Here are a few things that every son needs from his father.

He ate only pulses in every meal.

He can be seen at the bus station railway station and at every crossing.

You  have to take every doze of medicine after every three hours.

Here are some trending and best fashionable ponytail hairstlyes that you can try.

He loves pushing his limits to the next level every time he hit the gym.

Hitting the gym every time is something which is not possible for every one.

It is recommended to apply moisturizer twice every day in the morning and night before going to bed.

It is the last day of the Krishna Paksh.

What happens if you eat oatmeal every day.

Just have a glass of it every day and see the benefits in the mirror.

Just like you charge yourself up every morning your morning skincare charges up your skin.

Keep checking our space as we bring to you details on the doodles every .

Massage your scalp every night before going to bed.

Massage this oil every night before hitting the bed.

Of course the best thing to do a day before is to relax well instead of thinking too much or over planning every move for the next day.

On an average a person spends nine to ten hours every day in being sedentary.

One common problem every one of us suffers from in cold days is dry and .

Over a thousand Indians quit smoking every day sadly by dying!

He watches the news every evening.

I download my emails every day.

It happens every day.

She visits me every day.

Every now and then he comes for a visit.

She visits her mother every day without fail.

You should make use of every single moment in your hands.

We spend so much of money and use the currency notes every .

Wash it every day twice to get rid of it.

Use this every night dabbed on cotton to remove the dirt .

I write to them every weekend.

She takes the train every day, doesn’t she?

You forget your keys every time.

He set traps every night.

Mathematics is a branch of study in every school.

He comes here every day.

He stays in bed till nine every morning.

He feeds his horse every day.

He used to visit us every week.

There are two Chaturthis in every month as per Hindu calendar.

There are lights everywhere and in every corner.

There are highs and lows in every relationship.

There are different rules in every country.

You have to change the blotting-paper every day.

He set traps every night.

Mathematics is a branch of study in every school.

This book treats of every important subject.

It rained every day during my holidays.

He came to see us every three days.

He stays in bed till nine every morning.

He used to feed sparrows every day .

Go down with a broom.

She decided to save something every month.

Vocational training should be provided to every student.

I have every claim to this property.

He takes the bus to school every day.

I Television is, today, an important part of every household.

You are improving every second.

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