how to use Use in a Sentence


It has another use too.

It is use crying over spilt milk.

I allowed him to use my car.,

When did you use them up?

It is no use to be so anxious about it now.

Whom did she use to write to?

What did he use to study?

Did they use to do it?

Which will you use last?

He was determined to use the same method.

May I use your bicycle?

You need to format the disc before you can use it.

I use internet on my smart phone.

Why should we use less plastic?

Did you use to go to the beach every day?

Do not use filthy language.

What is the use of doing this ?

It is no use to cry over spilt milk.

Could I use your phone ?

Can I use your pen, please ?

What is the use of offering bread to a man who is dying of thirst ?

I do not use that sort of pen.

Please use it well.

One should be careful about proper use of comma.

We should make the best use of time.

We use scientific equipment in our daily life.

We use fans in summer.

This car is for your personal use only.

There is no use of sermonizing him.

May I use your car ?

I use a safety razor.

It is no use crying over spilt milk.

This book has no use for me.

You can use my phone.

Could I use your phone?

Man is the only animal that can use his intelligence.

It is of no use to beat about the bush before the interview board.

We use woolen clothes in winter.

May I use your pencil?

I use cream to plane my hair.

We use buckets for holding or carrying things.

May I use your pen ?

It is no use quarreling over trifles.

It is no use speaking to stone walls.

As far as I know, she can’t use such a language.

These cars use a lot of petrol.

He knows how to use the harmonium.

You may use my bicycle.

Can we use a computer as a TV?

Don’t use vulgar language.

Which soap do you use ?

Shame on you to use a poor man so !

Which oil do you use ?

Don’t use unfair means in the examination.

It is no use beating about the bush.

It is no use going now.

It is no use grinding your teeth over your defeat in the election.

I use the internet.

You should always make the best use of your time.

Shame on you to use such a rude language!

Can I use your phone charger?

Constant use will wear out any machine.

I shall make good use of her talents.

These is no use of worrying about it.

It is of no use to me.

We use a washing machine to wash clothes.

We use a bicycle pump to push air into tyres.

We use needles for sewing.

He said I might use his telephone at any time.

It is no use running after her.

He offered me to use his house for the function.

It is no use of it.

This is of no use to you.

You may use my pen.

It is no use supposing negative things without rhyme or reason.

It is no use crying over your loss.

Might I use your pen?

These services are of immense use to the public.

I use it in my free time.

Our teacher believes in sparing use of the stick.

For the time being, you may use my pen.

They use their wings for the purpose of swimming.

Now a day’s every individual use the mobile technology.

Teachers use computers to write their lessons and get information for their classes.

Recently, more and more people use the Internet to get information and buy goods.

More and more people use private cars instead of taking public transport.

What is the use of hump in a camel?

What is the use of oil in machinery?

May I use your pen?

What is the use of the oil taken out from neem fruit or seed?

Might I use your telephone?

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