deft in a sentence

See how deft he is at it !

He was very deft at it.

See how deft he is at it.

He moves quickly.He is a deft fielder.

He is deft at managing the paper work of cars.

It requires deft touches and a clear vision.

She is a deft wielder of the brush.

He is a deft tailor.

He played a finely tuned instrument with deft hands.

He is known for deft handling of issues.

It requires serious attention and deft handling.

How deft he is at it !

How deft that boy is !

He sad See how deft he is at it.

The artist’s deft brushstrokes brought the painting to life.

The surgeon’s deft hands performed the intricate surgery with precision.

The chef’s deft knife skills allowed them to quickly and skillfully prepare the ingredients.

The pianist’s deft fingers glided effortlessly across the keys, mesmerizing the audience.

The detective’s deft investigation led to the capture of the elusive criminal.

The gymnast displayed deft agility as she executed a flawless routine on the balance beam.

The writer showcased deft storytelling, captivating readers with engaging characters and plot twists.

The soccer player demonstrated deft footwork, dribbling past opponents effortlessly.

The driver’s deft maneuvering helped them navigate through heavy traffic with ease.

The tailor’s deft stitching resulted in a perfectly tailored suit that fit like a glove.

The magician’s deft sleight of hand left the audience in awe and wonder.

The mechanic’s deft repair skills fixed the car engine in no time.

The dancer’s deft movements showcased grace and precision on stage.

The negotiator’s deft diplomacy resolved the conflict peacefully and satisfactorily.

The archer’s deft aim hit the bullseye with every shot.

The pilot’s deft handling of the aircraft ensured a smooth and safe landing.

The designer’s deft touch transformed the space into a stylish and functional environment.

The basketball player’s deft passing skills set up numerous scoring opportunities for the team.

The locksmith’s deft manipulation of the lock allowed for quick and non-destructive entry.

The engineer’s deft problem-solving abilities resolved the technical issue swiftly and efficiently.

The bartender’s deft mixing skills created exquisite and flavorful cocktails.

The surgeon’s deft suturing technique resulted in minimal scarring for the patient.

The photographer’s deft composition captured the perfect balance of light and shadow.

The firefighter’s deft response saved lives and prevented further damage.

The florist’s deft arrangement of flowers created a stunning centerpiece for the event.

The scientist’s deft data analysis uncovered significant patterns and correlations.

The athlete’s deft reflexes allowed them to react quickly and avoid injury.

The tailor’s deft alterations transformed a generic outfit into a perfectly tailored garment.

The teacher’s deft explanation made complex concepts understandable to the students.

The sculptor’s deft chiseling brought out the intricate details of the sculpture.

The barista’s deft espresso-pulling skills resulted in a perfect shot of coffee.

The landscaper’s deft pruning techniques shaped the bushes into elegant forms.

The conductor’s deft gestures guided the orchestra to create a harmonious symphony.

The writer’s deft characterization breathed life into the fictional protagonists.

The IT specialist’s deft troubleshooting resolved technical issues swiftly and efficiently.

The swimmer’s deft strokes propelled them through the water with remarkable speed.

The tailor’s deft draping skills allowed them to create intricate and flattering garment designs.

The carpenter’s deft craftsmanship produced a beautifully crafted piece of furniture.

The diplomat’s deft negotiation skills helped forge a beneficial agreement between nations.

The pastry chef’s deft pastry folding technique resulted in flaky and delicate pastries.

The chef’s deft hands swiftly chopped the vegetables with precision.

Sarah’s deft negotiation skills helped her close the deal successfully.

The musician showcased his deft fingers as he played the intricate piano piece flawlessly.

With a deft movement, the artist captured the essence of the scene in a single brushstroke.

The magician performed a deft trick, making the coin disappear and reappear in his other hand.

The goalkeeper made a deft save, diving to block the ball from entering the net.

The surgeon’s deft touch during the delicate surgery ensured a successful outcome.

The writer’s deft use of metaphors and imagery brought the story to life for the readers.

The dancer’s deft footwork impressed the audience with its grace and precision.

The detective displayed a deft ability to solve complex cases by piecing together subtle clues.

The basketball player’s deft dribbling skills allowed him to navigate through the defense effortlessly.

The tailor’s deft alterations transformed the ill-fitting suit into a perfectly tailored ensemble.

The artist used a deft combination of colors to create a visually stunning masterpiece.

The surgeon’s deft hands performed the intricate surgery with utmost precision.

With a deft twist of her wrist, she opened the stubborn jar lid effortlessly.

The gymnast displayed deft balance and control as she executed her routine flawlessly.

The architect’s deft design integrated modern and traditional elements seamlessly.

The teacher’s deft explanation helped the students grasp the complex concept quickly.

The photographer captured the perfect shot with a deft click of the camera at the right moment.

The mechanic’s deft repair work had the car running smoothly in no time.

The juggler’s deft hand-eye coordination allowed him to juggle multiple objects effortlessly.

The conductor’s deft baton movements guided the orchestra through a breathtaking performance.

The acrobat showcased her deft agility as she gracefully flipped and twirled through the air.

The chess player’s deft strategy led to a checkmate in just a few moves.

The pilot’s deft maneuvering saved the airplane from a potential collision.

The sculptor used a deft touch to shape the clay into a lifelike figure.

The bartender’s deft mixology skills resulted in a delicious and perfectly balanced cocktail.

The makeup artist applied the cosmetics with a deft hand, enhancing the model’s features beautifully.

The writer’s deft characterization brought the protagonist to life, making the story engaging and relatable.

The surgeon’s deft suturing skills ensured minimal scarring after the procedure.

The magician performed a deft card trick, astonishing the audience with his sleight of hand.

The soccer player displayed deft footwork as he weaved through the defenders and scored a goal.

The painter’s deft brushstrokes added depth and texture to the canvas, bringing the artwork to life.

The surgeon’s deft precision during the delicate operation saved the patient’s life.

The engineer’s deft problem-solving skills allowed them to find an innovative solution to the complex issue.

The dancer’s deft movements mesmerized the audience, showcasing her impeccable technique.

The chef’s deft seasoning elevated the dish, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

The pianist’s deft interpretation of the musical piece evoked a range of emotions in the listeners.

The mechanic’s deft repair of the engine fixed the issue, restoring the car’s performance.

The archer’s deft aim hit the bullseye with precision, winning the competition.

Synonyms Of deft – Another Words

adept, adroit, ingenious, nimble, proficient, quick, skillful, able, apt, crack, cute, dexterous, expert, fleet, handy

Antonyms Of deft – Opposite Words

awkward, clumsy, ignorant, incompetent, inept, slow, stupid, unable, unskilled, unhandy, unskillful

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