how to use through in a sentence

I looked through the book carefully.

He will pull through.

We will make a world tour through the sea route.

Have you gone through the reports yet?

One’s character is reflected through one’s behavior.

Some people sail through life without a care.

I shall leave no stone unturned to get through the I.A.S. examination.

Could you read through my essay for me ?

I stood by him through thick and thin.

The path passes through a jungle.

Why are you looking through the key-hole ?

The opportunity slipped through my fingers.

He is clever enough to see through your game.

He went through the book.

We will stand by you through thick and thin.

I have seen through his trick.

I could see through the matter.

You will be glad to hear that I have got through the examination.

Did you stand by your friend through thick and thin ?

I cannot see through this small hole in the night.

He got through the examination this year.

The Bill was passed unanimously through a voice vote.

Your devotion to work will carry through the difficult days.

I am not able to call through WhatsApp.

He forced his way through the crowd.

My belief is that he will get through.

I will abide by my wife through thick and thin.

He came through the main gate.

I came in through the back door.

He went through the narrow pass.

If you go through the book seriously, you will be able to read between the lines.

He saw through the entire job by himself.

She will stand by you through thick and thin.

You can see stars through a telescope.

I searched through all the drawers for the missing papers.

He lived through depression.

The scheme fell through.

We take in oxygen from the air through our nose.

He paid through the nose for that used car.

He stood by me through thick and thin.

I see her passing through the street daily.

The thief must have entered through this gate.

He is so cunning that he will slip through your fingers.

I will stand by you through thick and thin.

He is too clever not to see through your trick.


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