animosity in a sentence

There is animosity between the two brothers for ancestral property.

There is an old animosity between these two families.

Animosity breeds animosity.

There was no previous animosity between the accused and the victim.

I do not harbour any animosity towards any religion.

Tell me, who has created this animosity?

I harbour ill will or animosity towards none.

It caused animosity between the two families.

Stop this unnecessary animosity.

He was murdered due to some animosity.

He had been harbouring animosity against us for the past two months.

I don’t want my children to grow up with any animosity.

I have no animosity with anyone else.

There is a deep rooted animosity between them.

Synonyms Of Animosity – Another Words

Acrimony, Animus, Antagonism, Antipathy, Bad Blood, Bitterness, Enmity, Hate, Hostility, Ill Will, Malice, Rancor, Resentment

Antonyms Of Animosity – Opposite Words

Friendliness, Friendship, Good Will, Happiness, Kindness, Like, Liking, Love, Loving, Rapport, Respect, Sweetness, Sympathy

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