planet in a sentence

Animals have been the inhabitants of this planet along with humans.

Animals play an essential role in human life and planet earth.

Animals play an important role on our planet earth and in human lives.

Are you from a planet solely populated by women?

As individuals we too have the responsibility in making our planet a safe abode for our future generations.

Each person on this planet has different interests and hobbies.

Earth is the only planet in our solar system where life is possible.

Earth is the only planet which can sustain life on it.

Forests help in maintaining the oxygen cycle on the planet Earth.

How much area of our planet is covered with water ?

If all this collective effort starts happening we can surely save our planet earth and make brighter earth.

If there was no sun our earth would have been a cold planet that wouldn’t have been able to support life.

It has become very essential to ban plastic bags before they ruin our planet completely.

It is essential for our planet earth as it gives us the energy which we require for the existence of life.

It is the second smallest planet in our solar system.

Jupiter is a planet principally composed of hydrogen and helium.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is the largest one in the solar system.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and it is often referred to as the Red Planet.

Mars resembles our planet in some ways.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.

Neptune is the eighth planet of the solar system.

Neptune is the last planet in our solar system.

Nuclear war will bring life on this planet to an end.

Our planet can produce only a limited amount of water and food.

Our planet is called Earth.

Overpopulation is affecting the world as it is outpacing the ability of the planet earth to support it.

Plastic is slowly and steadily eating away our planet and damaging it.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and is the second largest in the solar system.

The Earth is not just our home planet but the home to many animals.

The gravitational pull of the moon is less than that of the planet earth.

The surface of a planet is composed mostly of water.

There are billions of people on this planet and every person has a different purpose.

There is no other planet on which there is life.

This planet earth is ours and it is our responsibility to save it.

This planet has a reddish appeal because of the iron oxide present on this planet.

This planet has traces of frozen ice caps and it has been found on the planet.

To sum it up water is crucially essential for our planet Earth.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun.

Venus is the brightest planet and it is visible to the naked eye.

Water is certainly very important for the planet Earth.

Water is found in abundance on the planet though not all of it is safe for human consumption.

Water on our planet is so limited that it can’t be wasted.

We know that on our planet Earth Sun is the source of all energy.

We must try to use solar energy more and more to save our planet earth.

We need to save earth right away as it is the only planet that can sustain life.

We will explore every planet that goes around the sun.

What might a planet need to spawn life?

Without trees this planet will turn into a desert.

Without water, we cannot imagine the existence of life on any planet.

As far as I’m concerned there’s no job more important on the planet than being a mom.

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