hectic in a sentence

Life in a big city is a hectic life.

Life in a big city is full of hectic activities.

People are so worried in their hectic life schedules that they cannot focus on themselves.

At the end of a hectic day, you need somebody with whom you can share all your problems and seek solutions.

After a hectic week, Monday came as a respite.

It was good but hectic.

I was fed up of the hectic routine.

The harvesting time is a hectic time for the farmers.

Today’s life is full of hectic activities.

These days are the days of hectic activities.

Today is predicted to be a particularly hectic day for you.

He had a hectic week.

It goes without saying that modern life is so hectic as it leads to depression.

Modern life is full of hectic activities.

I had a hectic day at work.

It is the time to take a break from your hectic work schedule.

So how to get rid of fatigue before starting a hectic activity?

Today healthy habits hardly go hand in hand with a hectic lifestyle.

At 40 you have a whole lot of things to worry about, your life seems hectic and your youthful energy is long gone.

We have had a hectic schedule for a while now.

I don’t work now and I lead a less hectic life.

I had a hectic week.

Synonyms of Hectic

exciting, heated, agitated, feverish, frantic, confused, fevered, febrile, furious, riotous

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