rather than in a sentence

Knowledge should be used for constructive uses rather than destructive.

Try to bring solutions to problems rather than bringing problems to every solution.

These days too much emphasis is placed on success and failure rather than doing one’s best.

We should find our weaknesses rather than envy others.

Education should be child-centered rather than teachers-centered.

When you have a problem you need to resolve it rather than wallow in it.

My entire family is more interested in my property rather than me.

I would face starvation rather than beg for food.

I prefer to write my letters rather than dictate them.

We will die rather than surrender.

I prefer to read rather than to sleep.

I prefer to go rather than to stay.

I would resign rather than accept him as a partner.

This is a greeting rather than a question.

I would prefer to die rather than.

He would prefer to die rather than beg.

He prefers to live rather than die.

I will prefer death rather than dishonour.

I would work for the country rather than for any party.

Most of them are harmful rather than being helpful.

I would study rather than waste my time.

He was dismissed for negligence rather than incompetence.

He was dismissed for being negligent rather than for being incompetent.

I would face starvation rather than beg for food.

She favours her mother rather than her father.

He was dismissed for negligence rather than incompetence.

I prefer to do it today rather than tomorrow.

Today children prefer to play online games rather than going out and mingling with other kids.

I would die rather than beg.

I’d prefer to go out rather than sit here.

You have done better rather than I had expected.

I would go rather than waste my time here.

I would study rather than to waste my time.

This is a period for work rather than play.

Make sure that you eat fresh rather than processed and packed food items.

One should inform the police rather than taking law in one’s own hands.

It is better you take decisions from your mind rather than your heart.

People need to take steps to improve the forest cover rather than decrease it.

It helps in developing many skills and talents in children and also they learn by practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

Above all I had a preference for bowling rather than batting.

It is best to work towards beating your addiction rather than getting beat by it.

Beauty has become more dependent on the virtues and qualities that a human possesses rather than the physical attributes he or she has.

However if we look at the people below us rather than those who are above us we will be happier.

It is more about a formal relationship rather than a close one.

We should cheer our family member to have a girl child rather than a boy.

A true friend must help one make use of logical decisions rather than emotional ones.

It has cut off people from society rather than connecting them.

Earlier the capital punishments are more like torture rather than a death penalty.