unhealthy in a sentence


One must not overeat, or eat unhealthy foods.

The remnants of the experience cloud the person’s mental faculties causing an unhealthy mind.

Healthy persons can enjoy all the pleasures of life, whereas unhealthy persons can’t.

I find your food habits unhealthy.

A country of unhealthy people cannot create a healthy economy.

Unhealthy lifestyle causes arthritis.

Avoid unhealthy snacking.

Toxic fumes from vehicles are making the air unhealthy for breathing.

Unhealthy habits and lifestyle affects out health.

Over consumption could be unhealthy.

Stress is unhealthy.

Unhealthy food spoils the health.

Most men are used to some unhealthy habits that worsen their health conditions.

Cooking vegetables in the wrong way can make them unhealthy.

Is your love turning into an unhealthy relationship?

You need to avoid such unhealthy foods.

Consuming anything in excess is unhealthy.

Junk food is unhealthy.

People are gaining weight due to unhealthy food patterns.

Eating at midnight is extremely unhealthy.

The atmosphere of this locality in very unhealthy.

He is physically unhealthy and cannot bloom properly.

They have to live a poor and unhealthy life.

The wealth is useless for an unhealthy man.

Smoke is unhealthy and suffocating.

He lives in unhealthy surroundings.

Smoke is unhealthy and suffocating.

An unhealthy rich man is the most unlucky man in the world.

All the joys of the world have no charm for an unhealthy man.

The wealth is useless for an unhealthy man.

This smoke contains very unhealthy gases.

An unhealthy person may not take as much interest in work as a healthy one.

An unhealthy man is always gloomy and sad.

All the joys of the world have no charm for an unhealthy man.

Smoking is, undoubtedly, an unhealthy practice.

The wealth is useless for an unhealthy man.

This inflammation is caused by following unhealthy food habits.

Happy people in general live longer and healthier than unhealthy people.

It is good to educate your children about the ill effects of consuming unhealthy .

Many of us are addicted to different kinds of food unfortunately most of these are the unhealthy ones.

Stress is one of the main culprits for unhealthy dead skin.

We must avoid these unhealthy daily habits.

We try our best to avoid unhealthy foods and include more of healthy foods .

Eating an unhealthy diet can also lead to obesity over time.

You need to eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods.

Don’t you know eating fast-food is unhealthy?

He stopped eating unhealthy food.

It is unhealthy.

Generally eating before bedtime is considered to be an unhealthy habit.

It can make your skin look dull unhealthy and aged.

It is very unhealthy to lose a lot of weight in a short span of time.

If you gain a lot of weight in a short span of time it is most commonly because of overeating junk food and an unhealthy diet.

Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight.

Do not eat unhealthy and adopt a healthy and good lifestyle.

An uneven skin tone gives an impression of an unhealthy skin.

An unhealthy liver may cause hormonal imbalances that can cause depression headaches and mood swings.

Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight.

As a result of unbalanced and unhealthy eating habits you put on weight.

Avoid an unhealthy lifestyle consisting of smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages.

Avoid eating unhealthy fats and high-sugar foods that trigger cravings and overeating.

Avoid these unhealthy processed foods to help prevent your headache.

Avoid unhealthy junk foods.

Being unhealthy can put you in the backseat in the race of .

These foods that cause an upset tummy are unhealthy for you to consume.

Blocked pores can lead to various skin problems and make your skin look unhealthy and unclean.

Unhealthy lifestyle can increase the rate of heart attack.

Candy bars are extremely unhealthy and are loaded with added sugar.

Dead skin cells and lack of proper cleansing lead to dull and unhealthy skin.

Do you know that this negligence is unhealthy for your skin?

Having junk or unhealthy food can aggravate the symptoms of an altitude sickness.

Eating unhealthy foods all the time can cause a lot of hormonal imbalances in the body.

Unhealthy diet can affect liver in the form of fatty liver disease.

Gastroenteritis is caused due to eating contaminated and unhealthy food.

A busy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits can cause unseen and unimaginable complications in our lives.

If the heart is unhealthy it could put your other organs at risk.

If you want to reverse diabetes then you will have to change your unhealthy lifestyle.

Eating unhealthy foods can also damage your skin.

It is an accepted fact that skin ailments are caused due to improper and unhealthy habits.

This is one of the common unhealthy weight loss methods.

Skipping breakfast or having an unhealthy breakfast can cause various health problems.

Overeating is a bad habit and unhealthy for your body.

Poor eyesight is the result of unhealthy and improper diet.

Some weight loss methods can turn out to be extremely unhealthy and can also have various consequences in the body.

Stay away from the unhealthy foods.

Sugar is considered unhealthy due to the high calories associated with it.

The deep fried and sugary stuff are often unhealthy and lead to weight gain.

This is an unhealthy habit.

This may be due to unhealthy environment or diet.

Type 2 Diabetes is often the result of unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain.

Weak and unhealthy nails are often due to negligence and improper care.

Work pressure and unhealthy lifestyle affects sleep.

You may develop diabetes due to an unhealthy lifestyle even if there is no diabetes in your family.

High cholesterol is often caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

It is hard to achieve beautiful skin due to many unavoidable reasons like environment pollution and unhealthy foods.

A declining child sex ratio indicates an unhealthy trend of discrimination against the girl child in society.

An unhealthy mind leads a person towards unhealthy body and vice versa.

An unhealthy person always worries about his physical or physiological complications.

An unhealthy person cannot enjoy life in full extent.

A healthy person can achieve and do more work than an unhealthy person.

People should avoid unhealthy foods having high calories.

If the children are unhealthy from mind and body, they cannot give their best to their nation in the future.

It leads to an unhealthy and unsustainable environment.

Junk foods are never considered healthy to the health, they have been proved unhealthy in all ways.

Overeating and over indulging in unhealthy food habits can be hazardous for health.

Smokers also create air pollution with their unhealthy habits.

This is another unhealthy habit you ought to get rid of right away.

When people lack food, they become unhealthy and develop diseases which may even prove to be fatal.

We should avoid unhealthy amusement.

Synonyms of Unhealthy


The death of the ailing dog was agonizing.

She was not attending on her ailing husband.

He prayed to God to grant health to his ailing son.


He isn’t appreciative of my little jokes.


I know it is a costly and delicate item.

A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive.

Since baby’s skin is delicate it is important to take extra care of it.

Those who are delicate in health are apt to catch a cold when the cold season sets in.

I am now in a delicate position.

Her child was in delicate health.

She was delicate from birth.

That was a very delicate situation.


The milk of a diseased cow is harmful.

He is always by the bed of his diseased sister.

She is always by the bed side of her diseased husband.


They were forced to kneel down on the ground and hold their ears, .


He is a feeble old man.

Her voice was too feeble to be heard.

He was too feeble to do manual labor.


He is still frail after his illness.

The sun appeared behind the clouds.

He was too frail to play games outdoors.

He’s become frail in his old age.


I have been ill for two days.

She is ill with fever.

If he is seriously ill he will have to go to hospital.

Owing to his ill health, he retired from service.

I have no ill will against anybody.

My son is subject to ill health.

I was ill yesterday.

Don’t speak ill of others while they are away.

In poor Health

She seems to have been in poor health in her childhood.

Out of Shape

I’m out of shape today.


The function was poorly attended.

He was poorly and shabbily dressed.

He was poorly and meanly dressed.

They were poorly dressed.

He did poorly in his studies.

You should not despise a man because he is poorly paid.

I never speak poorly of anyone.

You must not despise a man because he is poorly dressed.

Ford was poorly educated.


The building is very run-down and needs immediate repair.


I have been unwell since Monday.

She was unwell for some time.

He was slightly unwell yesterday.


He grew very weak but he did not break the fast.

A person with weak eyes can’t see far.

Lack of food had left him weak and exhausted.

Every man has his weak side.

He is so weak that he can’t pass.

He was so weak that he could not walk.

I didn’t know he had a weak heart.

He is so weak at heart that he cannot be a doctor.

Laziness is my weak point.

He loved and helped weak people.

She is weak by nature.

Below par



In a Decline

In Ill Health




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