dissemble in a sentence

He has been trained to dissemble and conceal his real thoughts.

He did not dissemble the bad state of his affairs.

He no longer ables to dissemble his anguish.

You may dissemble as you please.

He tried in vain to dissemble.

How was she to dissemble her own misery?

They will dissemble if I look upon them.

He is scarcely able to dissemble.

She made no attempt to dissemble her disappointment.

I am compelled to be patient and to dissemble.

He is an honest one and doesn’t dissemble.

It is not in my nature to dissemble, or to be afraid.

He tried to dissemble his emotion.

Why are you trying to dissemble your delight?

Synonyms Of Dissemble – Another Words

Affect, Camouflage, Cloak, Conceal, Counterfeit, Cover, Dissimulate, Fake, Falsify, Feign, Hide, Mask, Pass, Pussyfoot, Sham, Shroud, Signify, Simulate, Stonewall, Whitewash

Antonyms Of Dissemble – Opposite Words

Be Honest, Disclose, Divulge, Expose, Lay Bare, Let Out, Open, Reveal, Show, Tell, Tell Truth, Uncover, Unmask

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