how to use though in a sentence


Why are my teeth yellow even though I brush twice a day?

I kept working even though I was sick.

Even though she is very old, she is healthy.

He orders as though he were a millionaire.

Though your plan seems to be well, still it needs to be tried out.

Though he is poor, he is honest.

Though the bus was late yet I was in time.

Though he is rich yet he is sad.

Though he is rich, he is not happy.

Even though I was upset I did not lose heart.

I shall not meet her though she comes.

It looks as though it might rain.

Though he is rich, he is not satisfied.

I’ll not believe this news though God should tell me.

He failed though he worked hard.

Though I called him, yet he gave me no answer.

Though he worked hard yet he failed in the examination.

What though nobody helps us ?

Though he is poor, he is reliable.

He went scot free even though he had committed the theft.

What though he be annoyed?

We reached in time though we started late.

His avariciousness looks though his eyes.

What though the field be lost ?

I lost the prize though I tried my best.

Though he worked hard, he failed.

The sun is said to be stationary though it seems revolving to us from the earth.

He failed though he worked hard.

He saved the child though it risked his life.

Change your thought process.

Though she faced numerous obstacles, she persevered and successfully completed the marathon.

Though he had little experience in public speaking, he delivered a captivating and inspiring presentation.

Though the recipe seemed complicated, with determination and patience, she mastered the dish.

Though the project deadline was tight, the team worked tirelessly to deliver it on time.

Though the economy faced challenges, certain industries experienced significant growth during the period.

Though he had studied hard for the exam, he still felt nervous and anxious.

Though the painting appeared abstract at first glance, upon closer inspection, one could discern hidden symbols and meanings.

Though the political situation was tense, the peaceful protest made a powerful statement for change.

Though the novel was lengthy, its intricate plot and well-developed characters kept readers engaged until the last page.

Though she had limited resources, she demonstrated creativity and resourcefulness in completing her art project.

Though the language barrier was a challenge, they managed to communicate through gestures and smiles.

Though the hiking trail was steep and rugged, the breathtaking views at the summit made it all worthwhile.

Though the negotiations were tense, both parties eventually reached a mutually beneficial agreement.

Though the documentary portrayed difficult realities, it shed light on important social issues that needed attention.

Though she had a fear of heights, she conquered it by skydiving and found the experience exhilarating.

Though the museum was crowded, they patiently waited to view the famous artwork everyone was talking about.

Though the road trip had its challenges, the memories created and the places explored made it unforgettable.

Though they lived far apart, they maintained a strong bond and communicated regularly through video calls.

Though she was young, her wisdom and maturity impressed everyone who interacted with her.

Though the economy faced recession, certain businesses adapted and found new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Though the new student struggled with the language, the supportive environment at the school helped them adjust and improve their communication skills.

Though the journey was challenging, their strong camaraderie and teamwork helped them conquer the arduous trek.

Though they were separated by distance, they maintained a strong friendship through regular phone calls and letters.

Though the play received mixed reviews, the actors’ exceptional performances garnered praise from the audience.

Though the deadline was tight, the team managed to meet it by working diligently and efficiently.

Though the forest fire caused extensive damage, nature’s resilience would eventually lead to its rejuvenation.

Though the weather was unfavorable, the determined athletes continued to train, undeterred by the rain.

Though they disagreed on the approach, their shared passion for the cause united them in their efforts.

Though she was initially nervous, her passion for the subject shone through during the presentation.

Though the project encountered unforeseen obstacles, the team remained adaptable and found creative solutions.

Though the charity event faced logistical challenges, the overwhelming support from donors made it a resounding success.

Though the music festival experienced technical difficulties, the crowd’s positive energy and enthusiasm lifted the spirits of everyone involved.

Though the recipe called for complicated techniques, the chef simplified it for the cooking class attendees.

Though the children were from different backgrounds, they bonded quickly and formed lasting friendships at summer camp.

Though the company underwent restructuring, the dedicated employees remained committed to its mission.

Though the political landscape was divisive, they maintained a respectful and civil discourse during the debate.

Though the exhibit featured controversial artwork, it sparked meaningful conversations and encouraged self-reflection.

Though the team faced a series of losses, their unwavering determination led to a triumphant comeback.

Though the project required collaboration with international partners, the virtual meetings facilitated effective communication.

Though the exam was challenging, their consistent study habits and preparation paid off with excellent results.

Though the conference was virtual, attendees actively engaged in networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Though the concept was ambitious, their creativity and ingenuity brought the idea to life.

Though the storm caused disruptions, the community rallied together to support those affected.

Though the pandemic presented obstacles, businesses embraced digital solutions to adapt and thrive.

Though they faced adversity, their resilience and unity helped them overcome the toughest times.

Though the museum was crowded, they patiently took their time to admire each exhibit and absorb the rich history on display.

Though they came from different cultures, they celebrated each other’s traditions and festivals with genuine interest and respect.

Though the project required late-night work sessions, the team’s dedication and commitment to excellence never wavered.

Though the novel tackled sensitive topics, it sparked essential discussions about societal issues and raised awareness.

Though the startup faced initial funding challenges, they persisted and secured investors who believed in their vision.

Though the business expansion seemed daunting, a carefully crafted strategy ensured its smooth execution.

Though the task required multitasking, he managed to efficiently handle multiple responsibilities without compromising quality.

Though the artwork was abstract, its vivid colors and intricate patterns intrigued art enthusiasts.

Though the weather forecast was uncertain, they decided to embark on the camping trip, hoping for the best adventure.

Though the exam format was unfamiliar, he approached it with a positive attitude, viewing it as an opportunity to learn.

Though the film had a limited budget, the director’s creative vision and talented cast elevated it into a cinematic masterpiece.

Though the new restaurant faced tough competition, their unique menu and exceptional service attracted a loyal customer base.

Though they were young, they demonstrated wisdom beyond their years, making thoughtful decisions in critical situations.

Though the language barrier initially hindered communication, they discovered that laughter and gestures were universal means of connection.

Though they had differing political beliefs, they respected each other’s rights to hold different opinions and remained friends.

Though the initial attempt failed, they took it as a learning experience and came back stronger to achieve success.

Though the workshop was intensive, the valuable skills learned enriched their personal and professional lives.

Though the topic was sensitive, they engaged in a constructive dialogue to foster understanding and empathy.

Though the book was lengthy, the suspenseful plot kept readers engaged, eagerly turning the pages.

Though the recipe required intricate preparation, the delectable dish was well worth the effort.

Though the project faced unforeseen delays, the team demonstrated flexibility and adapted their timelines accordingly.

Though the concert tickets were expensive, the unforgettable experience justified the cost.

Though the trail was challenging, they encouraged each other along the way and celebrated reaching the summit together.

Though they were from different generations, they bonded over shared hobbies and interests.

Though the competition was fierce, they displayed remarkable sportsmanship and celebrated each other’s achievements.

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