preserve in a sentence

We must plant trees and preserve forests.

The chemical is used to preserve jams.

We need to preserve trees by stopping the forests cutting or replanting the plants in order to save the animal sanctuary and maintaining the natural cycles of the environment to save the life here in the future.

He exercised daily to preserve his figure.

May God preserve you from all harm.

The money should be used to preserve forests.

In order to preserve the wildlife, the Central and the State Governments have established national parks and sanctuaries.

We make and preserve the pictures of our choice.

We should always be ready to preserve our hard-won freedom.

If we are given chance, we should serve to preserve nature.

He has to love and preserve the gifts of nature otherwise he has to pay through his nose.

We must preserve our forests.

We make and preserve the pictures of our choice.

It is possible to preserve food naturally by simple food preserving techniques.

Summer is soon arriving and it is time to wash and preserve all the woolen wear .

We make and preserve the picture of our choice.

Use some preservative to preserve the pickle.

We must take care to preserve our national heritage.

We must preserve birds.

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