terrible in a sentence

What a terrible storm it is !

Last year I witnessed a terrible bus accident.

You have made a terrible mistake.

May God give you strength to bear this terrible blow.

What a terrible sight!

It was a terrible sight to see.

What a terrible sight it was !

They are in a terrible state of desrepair.

Someone has made a terrible mistake.

It was a terrible danger.

I Worry is a terrible enemy.

He is in the grip of a terrible financial crisis.

The storm was too terrible to describe.

He made a terrible resolve.

What a terrible shock it was !

It is terrible for people to die of starvation.

He made a terrible resolve.

There was a terrible roar of the coming storm.

This man has made a terrible mistake.

He is really a terrible bore.

It is not possible to go out of doors in this terrible heat.

What a terrible time it was !

It was a terrible attack.

What a terrible noise !

It it was a terrible experience for me.

This is a terrible idea.

You look terrible.

It was terrible nuisance.

She was in a terrible state.

It’s terrible.

It was a terrible journey.

It was clever of the driver to avert a terrible accident.

It has been a terrible experience for both of us.

Both of her parents died in a terrible accident.

It will be a terrible pity if this should happen.

She felt a terrible pain as a nail went into her heel.

It has taken a very terrible form.

It is a terrible accident.

They had to pass through terrible sufferings.

What a terrible fall.

The children made a terrible din when the bell rang.

It wasn’t so terrible after all.

It was a terrible ordeal to walk for two days in the desert without water.

Your room is in a terrible muddle.

The noise was terrible.

The fish gave off a terrible smell.

The food was terrible.

I have a terrible stomach-ache.

I have a terrible toothache.

The terrible loss he suffered is beyond description.

He is a terrible athlete.

I have passed through terrible sufferings.

What a terrible storm it is!

I have a terrible headache today.

The weather is terrible today, isn’t it?

This was a terrible accident !

What a terrible accident it was !

Headaches are always terrible to deal with.

These are the terrible side effects of sleeping pills.

Stress leaves us in a terrible state of mind.

Insomnia is a terrible thing to happen to anyone.

The car accident was terrible, resulting in multiple injuries and significant damage to the vehicles involved.

The food at the restaurant was terrible, with undercooked meat and bland flavors.

She had a terrible day at work, with multiple deadlines and constant technical issues.

The child had a terrible nightmare and woke up crying in the middle of the night.

The smell in the room was terrible, indicating a problem with the plumbing.

The student felt terrible after failing the important exam, knowing it would affect their overall grade.

The traffic on the highway was terrible, causing long delays and frustration among drivers.

The noise from the construction site was terrible, making it difficult to concentrate or sleep.

The service at the hotel was terrible, with constant delays, unclean rooms, and unresponsive staff.

The accident scene was terrible, with shattered glass, twisted metal, and injured passengers.

The argument between the friends escalated into a terrible fight, resulting in hurtful words and damaged relationships.

The smell coming from the garbage bin was terrible, indicating that it needed to be emptied immediately.

The student’s handwriting was terrible, making it challenging for others to read and understand their work.

The pain from the toothache was terrible, causing throbbing discomfort and difficulty eating.

The earthquake caused terrible devastation, reducing buildings to rubble and leaving communities in despair.

The singer’s performance was terrible, with off-key notes and a lack of stage presence.

The news of the accident was terrible, as it involved the loss of innocent lives.

The condition of the neglected animal was terrible, with malnourishment and visible signs of abuse.

The smell coming from the spoiled food in the refrigerator was terrible, forcing them to clean it out immediately.

The political scandal revealed terrible corruption within the government, leading to public outrage.

The noise coming from the neighbors’ party was terrible, disturbing the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

The performance in the play was terrible, with forgotten lines and missed cues, disappointing the audience.

The result of the test was terrible, far below expectations and indicating a lack of understanding of the subject matter.

The smell of burning rubber was terrible, indicating a problem with the car’s engine.

The behavior of the unruly passengers on the flight was terrible, causing disruptions and discomfort for everyone onboard.

The consequences of the terrible mistake were irreversible, leading to significant financial loss and damaged reputation.

The experience of being stuck in a traffic jam for hours was terrible, causing frustration and wasted time.

The news of the tragic accident was terrible, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

The taste of the spoiled milk was terrible, causing an immediate gag reflex.

The customer’s experience with the online shopping platform was terrible, with late deliveries and missing items.

The condition of the neglected park was terrible, with overgrown weeds and broken benches.

The impact of the terrible storm resulted in power outages and extensive property damage.

The smell of the sewage leak was terrible, making it unbearable to be in the vicinity.

The organization’s handling of the crisis was terrible, lacking transparency and effective communication.

The taste of the burnt food was terrible, rendering it inedible.

The terrible conditions in the overcrowded prison led to protests and calls for reform.

The terrible decision to trust an unqualified contractor resulted in shoddy workmanship and costly repairs.

The terrible smell emanating from the garbage dump nearby was unbearable, affecting the entire neighborhood.

The terrible customer service at the restaurant included rude waitstaff and long wait times for food.

The terrible noise pollution from the construction site disrupted the peacefulness of the neighborhood.

The terrible consequences of the data breach resulted in the compromise of sensitive personal information.

The terrible condition of the public transportation system led to frequent delays and overcrowded buses.

The terrible loss in the championship game devastated the team and their dedicated fans.

The terrible smell coming from the stagnant water in the pond indicated a problem with pollution.

The terrible impact of deforestation was evident in the loss of wildlife habitats and ecological imbalance.

The terrible behavior of the bully created a hostile environment for other students at school.

The terrible accident caused a pile-up on the highway, resulting in multiple injuries and traffic congestion.

The terrible quality of the product was evident in its poor craftsmanship and frequent malfunctions.

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