individual in a sentence

Every individual should engage in good deeds to become a good human being.

Every individual feels the terrible impact prices.

The press can make or mar the fortunes of a political party or an individual politician.

Respect every individual.

Discipline is imperative for the individual as well as for the society.

Now a days every individual use the mobile technology.

In a team, all the players have to play as a team and not individual players.

Science has added to the dignity and stature of the individual.

No individual can become great without developing a moral character.

Every individual should be aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

Every individual has the right to speak freely.

Now a days every individual use the mobile technology.

They are perceptions of individual philosophers.

Starting the day with some physical exercise will keep the individual active.

School discipline has a very important role to play in an individual’s life.

This can’t be done by individual effort.

This room is for individual use.

This instant soup comes in individual packets.

A soldier should obey his commander.

An individual learns a lot from a strong family.

It is the goodwill of an individual towards others.

He is more prone to a feeling of emotional isolation.

Discipline works at the individual as well as the corporate level.

They can pay individual attention to the illiterates.

Public speaking and oration are the most valued skills that an individual can possess.

An average working individual wakes up at am and probably goes to bed by pm.

The normal body temperature of an individual is .

Desire levels vary from one individual to another.

It not only makes a person feel fresh but also helps the individual remain active the whole day.

The degrees of infection vary from one individual to another.

The signs and symptoms of the condition vary from one individual to the other.

Ups and downs are a part of life, but the individual who never gives up and tries to learn from his/her mistakes comes out as a winner.

A custom made exercise plan drawn up by fitness professional will keep in mind all your individual needs.

If each individual changed, the system will automatically become better.

I’m just a little bit sicker than the average individual I think.

The individual is the fundamental element of a community.

The rights of the individual are the most important rights in a free society.

The rights of the individual are important in a free society.

Society and the individual are inseparable.

He is a man of individual humor.

She had an individual style of speaking.

An individual is the smallest unit of the society.

Put price labels on each individual item.

The doctor gave individual attention to each patient.

Measurements are different from individual to individual.

Every situation requires individual analysis.

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