pay in a sentence

We should pay income tax and wealth tax quite in time.

How much did you pay for it?

We have to pay the bill for the supply of electricity.

I shall pay you by cheque.

Always pay your bills on time.

Users of the road or bridge pay money at the toll-plaza.

She had to pay a very heavy price for her fibbing.

Did you pay him for his work?

He did not pay any heed to it.

He had to pay a heavy price for his mischief.

How is he going to pay the mortgage?

You had to pay a hefty fine for this.

Did you pay your fee ?

He asked me when I would pay them a visit?

I can pay the money at this very moment.

You had better to pay attention to the details.

We do not want to do any work that does not pay.

How much pay does he get ?”

He will have to pay a heavy price for his misbehaviour.

The insurance company will pay for the damage.

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