earned in a sentence

He earned the displeasure of his boss.

I will not waste away your hard-earned money.

I do not waste a single penny of your hard-earned money.

If you fail in the University examination, the hard-earned money of your parents will go waste.

He has earned much.

Our college has earned a big name in the state.

He has earned a lot of money from abroad.

My father had earned money by manual labour.

Money earned without labour often becomes the cause of total destruction.

He earned a name for himself.

He wastes the hard earned money of his parents.

He has earned a lot of appreciation from the public.

He earned a good public image during his reign.

He had earned fame and wealth through his writings.

She earned herself an esteemed place through her literary works.

He earned promotion by attending to his duties.

He earned promotion.

Money earned by evil ways brings about general loss of character.

He is burning the hard earned money of his parents.

With his consistent hard work and dedication, he has earned praise .

This is how he earned so much money.

He earned his reward, for he had worked hard.

He earned promotion.

Do not foot away your hard earned money.

His new movie earned him an Academy Award.

He earned no more than ten dollars a day.

His diligence earned him success.

He earned money by delivering newspapers.

He has earned a lot of money.

He earned as much money as possible.

His ideas never earned him even one penny.

His brave deed earned him respect.

His ideas never earned him a dime.

His ideas never earned him a single penny.

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