improve in a sentence

Games improve our health.

Exercise can improve memory power.

Improve your hand.

Fresh air helps us to improve our immune system and overall health.

Fiber rich foods help us improve our digestive system.

We should know our own shortcomings and constantly improve upon them.

We need to improve ourselves continuously in every sphere of life in order to achieve excellence.

With practice, you can improve your concentration.

You can improve your pre-schooling’s math skills with the right type of toys and games.

A smile is contagious and is an inexpensive way to improve the looks.

Parsley is a good source of vitamin C that helps improve circulation in the scalp.

He is selflessly trying to improve the lives of the others.

You wish to improve yourself but to do so you have to accept your faults.

Our government is trying its utmost to improve the standard of the programmes.

If you act on my advice, I am sure, you will soon improve your health.

The advertisement column of the newspaper tells us where we can find work for ourselves or improve our prospects.

Attempts are now being made to improve his lot.

He wanted to improve his shattered health.

Always try to improve your speaking skills.

He has been trying to improve his lot for a pretty long time.

The authorities are trying their best to improve things.

You will desire to improve your lifestyle.

Your financial fortunes are likely to improve.

Your professional life calls for more sweat and toil to improve efficiency .

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