blame in a sentence

We always blame the others, but never try to improve ourselves.

You yourself are to blame.

He accepted blame for the accident.

We generally blame others and are more interested in finding others’ faults.

They blame others for their own mistakes.

Why are you trying to palm off the blame to me.

A bad worker puts the blame on his tools.

Please do not blame yourself.

How can you blame me?

I don’t blame you at all.

Don’t blame me.

You can’t blame me.

Why do you blame him without any evidence?

We don’t blame you.

Can you blame me?

He is not to blame, nor are you.

I don’t blame you.

Either he or she is to blame.

Don’t blame me.

He is indifferent to praise or blame.

Don’t blame others for your mistakes.

He himself was to blame.

Everyone will blame us.

He will blame you for carelessness

Synonyms Of Blame – Another Words

Criticism, Accusation, Animadversion, Arraignment, Attack, Attribution, Castigation, Censure, Charge, Chiding, Complaint, Denunciation, Depreciation, Diatribe, Disapprobation, Disapproval, Disfavor, Disparagement, Expostulation, Impeachment, Implication, Imputation, Incrimination, Inculpation, Indictment, Invective, Objurgation, Obloquy, Opposition, Rebuke, Recrimination, Remonstrance, Reprehension, Reprimand, Reproach, Reprobation, Reproof, Repudiation, Slur, Tirade

Antonyms Of Blame – Opposite Words

Acquittal, Approval, Commendation, Compliment, Endorsement, Exculpation, Exoneration, Flattery, Harmony, Health, Peace, Praise, Ratification, Recommendation, Retreat, Sanction