dream in a sentence

My dream of joining the college became true.

They dream of their glorious past.

I shall never dream of doing such a thing.

Visiting and watching new places is, I think, everybody’s dream.

The dream that man weaves is always woven with the help of inspirations.

Never hesitate to dream.

A dream often inspires a person to work and strive.

I sometimes dream of strange things.

I saw a horrible dream last might.

It is unwise to dream of marrying her.

Will his dream come true?

I saw a sweet dream last night.

I had a bad dream last night.

It’s my dream to get into IIT.

As soon as I fell asleep, I had a dream.

It had always been my dream to get admission in MBA.

You are the sweetest dream of my life.

In the moonlight, the Taj is like a dream in marble.

The Taj is really a dream cast in marble.

I had a very bad dream.

His dream bore no fruit.

He spent a large amount of money, but his dream could bear no fruit.

Some day my dream will come true.

Modern life has become so hectic that we can’t dream of life without tensions.

What is a dream ?

She fulfilled her dream of becoming a pilot.

His dream was to become a film star.

My dream came true.

Growing tall is a dream for most of us.

Long glossy and healthy hair is a dream of every woman.

A good night sleep is something that we all dream of but hardly manage to get.

He had a weird dream last night.

I had a strange dream last night.

I had a horrible dream last night.

I had a dream about you last night.

I had a bad dream last night.

I had a dream about him.

Never did I dream that he would succeed.

She is my dream girl.

The dream is over.

I hope my dream will come true.

I wouldn’t dream of letting you do that.

The dream has become a reality.

The dream has come true.

I worked really hard and my dream came true.

I had a good dream last night.

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