genius in a sentence

He is a genius at the chess game.

Every man has a genius concealed within him if he only knew how to manifest it.

He is a genius in maths.

You are really a genius.

Edison had discovered a thousand things out of his extraordinary genius.

This kid is a real genius!

You can take help from our creative genius.

Many talented youngsters think that genius is inborn.

What does it feel like when no one understands your genius instincts?

I am not a genius with computers.

Wordsworth’s poetry has the hall-mark of a genius.

He is a genius of the first water.

His son is a genius.

He is a genius like Shakespeare.

Adversity is known to bring the best creative genius out of people.

He is a genius in mathematics.

He was a versatile genius.

Einstein was a genius.

Everyone says that she is a genius and will have a successful future.

Edison was an inventive genius of the United States.

Is he a genius or is he mad?

He is not so much a genius as a hard worker.

There was genius in the way the girl danced.

You have a genius for music.

I showed genius in painting.

The public neglected his genius for many years.

He has a genius for music.

That he is a genius is clear to everyone.

What a genius he is!

He is a genius in a sense.

She has a genius for music.

She was a genius in mathematics.

She has a genius for acting.

You don’t have to be a genius to know who said that.

He is apparently some kind of genius when it comes to music.