adequate in a sentence


We have adequate arrangement for this.

Farmers have demanded adequate price for their produce.

The rainfall was adequate for sowing suitable crops last year.

This college did not have adequate parking arrangements.

There was no adequate arrangement for lighting at the accident site.

In the absence of adequate teachers, students are suffering.

A diet should consist of a variety of foods, adequate calories.

We are not getting adequate power supply these days.

The government has provided adequate security to him.

Depression requires adequate and timely medical and psychological interventions.

Adequate sleep will help you recharge your brain.

I would take adequate steps to solve this problem .

He cannot provide adequate education, food and clothes to his children.

Do you believe the topics covered in the book are adequate?

My pay is adequate to my needs.

The furniture placed in the canteen is not adequate.

By taking adequate health-care measures, such diseases can be prevented.

My monthly allowance is not adequate to my needs.

There are adequate arrangements for education.

Give adequate reasons.

This equipment is not adequate fcr this job.

His income is not adequate to support his family.

Many plans have fallen through for want to adequate funds.

Drink adequate amount of water.

In the event of hypotension your brain fails to get an adequate supply of blood and cause fainting.

You must take an adequate quantity of water.

It’s very important to have healthy diet and adequate breakfast.

This meal is adequate for two.

This paper should be adequate for your purpose.

The project has fallen through for lack of adequate funds.

Is your salary adequate to support your family?

Do you have adequate money for the trip?

He is adequate to the job.

He is adequate for the post.

After hours of practice, his performance was deemed adequate by the judges.

The restaurant received mixed reviews, with some customers finding the portions adequate and others wanting more.

The company’s safety measures were deemed adequate to protect its employees.

The hotel offered basic amenities, but many guests found them adequate for a short stay.

The medicine’s effect was only adequate in managing the symptoms, but it didn’t offer a complete cure.

The student received an adequate score on the test, but with more effort, they could have achieved better results.

Her savings were adequate to cover the cost of the unexpected car repair.

The government allocated an adequate budget to support the research project.

The makeshift shelter provided an adequate level of protection from the harsh weather conditions.

He provided an adequate explanation for his absence, but his tardiness was still noted.

The company’s response to the customer complaint was not adequate, leading to further dissatisfaction.

The teacher ensured that each student received an adequate amount of attention and support in their studies.

Despite the tight deadline, she managed to submit an adequate draft of her research paper.

The hikers brought an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated during the long trek.

The team’s defense was adequate, but they needed to work on their offensive strategies.

The company conducted an adequate market analysis before launching its new product.

The hotel provided an adequate breakfast, including cereal, toast, and fresh fruit.

The apartment had adequate storage space, allowing the tenants to keep their belongings organized.

The repair job was deemed adequate, but it would require further maintenance in the future.

The new employee showed potential but needed additional training to become adequately proficient in their role.

The artist’s latest work received mixed reviews, with some critics praising its originality and others finding it merely adequate.

The budget for the event was adequate, allowing for a memorable and enjoyable experience for the attendees.

The chef ensured that the portions were adequate to satisfy the hungry guests.

The initial proposal was deemed adequate, but it required some modifications to meet all the project requirements.

The company implemented new policies to ensure adequate protection of its customers’ personal information.

The available resources were adequate for the project, but efficiency improvements were still necessary.

The candidate’s resume was impressive, but the hiring manager felt it lacked adequate details about specific accomplishments.

The workshop provided an adequate introduction to the topic, leaving the participants eager to learn more.

The athlete’s training regimen was deemed adequate to prepare for the upcoming competition.

The team’s preparation for the debate was adequate, allowing them to present their arguments confidently.

The government’s response to the crisis was not adequate, leading to public dissatisfaction.

The company’s marketing efforts were deemed adequate, but they needed to explore additional channels to reach a broader audience.

The team faced an uphill battle, but their determination was adequate to overcome the challenges.

The professor gave the students adequate time to complete the exam.

The building’s ventilation system was adequate, ensuring a comfortable environment for its occupants.

The insurance coverage provided an adequate level of protection for unforeseen circumstances.

The town’s public transportation system was adequate, allowing residents to commute conveniently.

The restaurant’s menu offered an adequate variety of dishes to cater to different tastes.

The project’s timeline was deemed adequate to meet the client’s deadline.

The research findings provided an adequate basis for further investigation into the topic.

The old car’s safety features were adequate for its time but fell short of modern standards.

The training program was designed to equip employees with the adequate skills to handle customer inquiries.

The teacher provided an adequate explanation for the challenging concept, ensuring all students understood.

The conference facilities were adequate to accommodate a large number of attendees.

The team’s communication was adequate, but they needed to improve coordination during critical moments.

The students had access to an adequate library with a diverse collection of books and resources.

The foundation’s funds were adequate to support the charitable initiatives for the coming year.

The instructions provided by the manual were adequate for assembling the furniture.

The restaurant had an adequate number of staff to handle the lunchtime rush.

The hotel’s location was adequate, offering easy access to nearby attractions and public transportation.

The company implemented an adequate cybersecurity protocol to safeguard its digital assets.

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