adequate in a sentence

We have adequate arrangement for this.

Farmers have demanded adequate price for their produce.

The rainfall was adequate for sowing suitable crops last year.

This college did not have adequate parking arrangements.

There was no adequate arrangement for lighting at the accident site.

In the absence of adequate teachers, students are suffering.

A diet should consist of a variety of foods, adequate calories.

We are not getting adequate power supply these days.

The government has provided adequate security to him.

Depression requires adequate and timely medical and psychological interventions.

Adequate sleep will help you recharge your brain.

I would take adequate steps to solve this problem .

He cannot provide adequate education, food and clothes to his children.

Do you believe the topics covered in the book are adequate?

My pay is adequate to my needs.

The furniture placed in the canteen is not adequate.

By taking adequate health-care measures, such diseases can be prevented.

My monthly allowance is not adequate to my needs.

There are adequate arrangements for education.

Give adequate reasons.

This equipment is not adequate fcr this job.

His income is not adequate to support his family.

Many plans have fallen through for want to adequate funds.

Drink adequate amount of water.

In the event of hypotension your brain fails to get an adequate supply of blood and cause fainting.

You must take an adequate quantity of water.

It’s very important to have healthy diet and adequate breakfast.

This meal is adequate for two.

This paper should be adequate for your purpose.

The project has fallen through for lack of adequate funds.

Is your salary adequate to support your family?

Do you have adequate money for the trip?

He is adequate to the job.

He is adequate for the post.

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