Construction in a Sentence

In Japan timber is used for construction of house.

This house is in the course of construction.

The construction is defective in many respect.

I am engaged in the construction of my house these days.

He has conceded to me a big loan for starting the construction of my house.

This is the new site for the construction of our house.

The construction of new hotel was stopped.

The local government has undertaken the construction of a new industrial estate.

Shortage of money compelled him to stop further construction of his house.

They stopped the construction of new roads.

A new extension to the hospital is under construction.

Nuclear energy can be used for destruction as well as for construction.

It is a maze-like construction.

The house is under construction, I don’t know when it will be complete.

There has been a stagnation in building construction this year.

The construction is proceeding according to plan.

Have you estimates of the cost of the construction ?

A large amount of money is required for the construction of this church.

The construction work is held up for want of money.

It is a maze-like construction.

This is the new site for the construction of our house.

This road is closed to traffic for construction work.

A lot of construction is going on these days.

This conversation is a masterpiece.

What is essential for good conversation ?

Good conversation is an art.

The subject of conversation should interest the listeners.

They carried on the conversation in a loud tone.

What is a conversation ?

It is good to have a conversation with you again.

Synonyms Of construction – Another Words

development, manufacture, plan, planning, structure, system, architecture, arrangement, assembly, build, cast, composition, conception, constitution, contour, cut, disposition, edifice, elevation, erecting, erection, fabric, fabrication, figuration, figure, form, format, formation, foundation, improvisation, invention, makeup, making, mold, origination, outline, prefab, prefabrication, raising, rearing, shape, systematization, turn, type

Antonyms Of construction – Opposite Words

disarrangement, truth, destruction, disfigurement, disorganization, ruin, ruins