apprehensive in a sentence

She was apprehensive that she would fail in the examination.

We are apprehensive that such methods can be adopted by anti-social elements.

He was apprehensive about it.

There are some people who always remain apprehensive about the after-effects of holi.

We are programmed in such a way that we are apprehensive of what is going to happen next.

He was apprehensive about the whole process.

His family was apprehensive of allowing him to go anywhere.

Most people feel a bit apprehensive initially about meditation.

Some people feel awkward and apprehensive about letting out their feelings and thoughts.

She was apprehensive at first.

I am slow and apprehensive about jumping into new things.

He is usually apprehensive and full of worry.

I often remain apprehensive about anything.

Why do you feel so apprehensive about being social?

People are often apprehensive when they are outside their familiar and comfortable environment.

Being apprehensive about being a mother is totally normal.

I was apprehensive of failing or not achieving those goals.

Being insecure means being apprehensive.

He is very apprehensive about his job.

I am a bit apprehensive as you can imagine.

He is apprehensive of the risks.

He has assured to help me, but I am apprehensive of his intentions.

I am apprehensive

I am apprehensive of the outcome.

She is apprehensive of failure in the finals.

She was apprehensive about receiving criticism of her performance.