affable in a sentence

His behavior is affable.

He is intellectually vibrant and culturally affable.

He is remembered for his affable personality.

He is an affable and erudite gentleman.

She was as an affable and quiet person.

He is a kind-hearted and affable human being.

He had made a place in our hearts by his congenial and affable nature.

They are known for their friendliness and highly affable manners.

With his versatile voice and an affable temperament, he is an inspiration to many youngsters.

We perceive them as affable and amiable people.

They are very affable to everyone.

He has an affable charm.

He wins over the people with his affable nature.

I am soft-spoken and an affable person.

His manner of conversation is very frank and affable.

He is indeed an affable personality.

He is an affable leader and a powerful orator.

He is an affable and affectionate person.

He is a man of affable manners.

He was an extremely affable person and took her job extremely seriously.

He is affable in his converse.

Try to be more affable and avoid imposing your point of view.

He is an affable and a down-to-earth person.

She has many friends because of her affable nature.

His behaviour is affable.

He became extremely affable.

She is sweet and affable in conversation.

She is very affable and so I love her.

His affable nature made him popular among his colleagues.

The host greeted everyone with an affable smile.

Her affable demeanor put everyone at ease.

The affable customer service representative addressed all my concerns.

He had an affable way of making friends wherever he went.

The president’s affable personality made him approachable to the public.

The affable waiter provided excellent service with a smile.

Despite his fame, he remained an affable and down-to-earth person.

She was known for her affable and warm-hearted nature.

The coach’s affable coaching style created a positive team environment.

His affable attitude made him a favorite teacher among students.

The affable conversation flowed easily between them.

The new neighbor introduced herself with an affable greeting.

The affable boss was well-liked by his employees.

His affable personality allowed him to make friends easily.

The affable politician had a way of connecting with voters.

The affable atmosphere at the party encouraged lively conversations.

He had an affable charm that drew people to him.

The affable host made sure everyone felt welcome.

The affable artist was happy to talk about his work.

The affable nature of the event made networking enjoyable.

Her affable nature made her a natural fit for customer service.

The affable professor was always available for student questions.

The affable tone of the meeting encouraged open discussion.

His affable character made him a beloved family member.

The affable neighbor was always ready to lend a hand.

The affable speaker engaged the audience with humor and stories.

The affable colleagues enjoyed each other’s company.

His affable manner put everyone in a good mood.

The affable atmosphere of the café made it a popular spot.

The affable receptionist welcomed guests with a smile.

Her affable personality made her a great team leader.

The affable guide shared interesting stories during the tour.

The affable couple made friends easily wherever they went.

The affable nature of the workshop created a positive learning environment.

The affable character in the book was a favorite among readers.

The affable director encouraged collaboration among the team.

His affable approach to problem-solving helped ease tensions.

The affable manner of the customer service representative calmed my frustration.

The affable demeanor of the comedian made the audience laugh.

The affable manager fostered a sense of unity among employees.

The affable style of communication made negotiations smoother.

The affable coach was a source of inspiration for the team.

Her affable personality shone through in her speeches.

The affable nature of the workshop facilitator encouraged participation.

The affable couple hosted a warm and inviting dinner party.

The affable approach of the teacher made learning enjoyable.

The affable musician engaged the audience with anecdotes.

His affable attitude made him a sought-after mentor.

The affable reception at the event set a positive tone.

The affable atmosphere of the art gallery encouraged exploration.

The affable demeanor of the therapist created a safe space.

His affable nature made him a favorite among colleagues.

The affable host made sure everyone felt comfortable at the gathering.

The affable tone of the speech resonated with the audience.

The affable interaction between the characters added charm to the story.

The affable coach emphasized teamwork and camaraderie.

The affable leader inspired trust and loyalty in the team.

The affable scientist explained complex concepts with simplicity.

The affable instructor made the class engaging and enjoyable.

The affable attitude of the chef extended to his culinary creations.

The affable protagonist won the hearts of readers.

The affable conductor interacted with the orchestra members.

The affable discussion allowed for a productive exchange of ideas.

The affable rapport between the actors made the movie captivating.

The affable host made sure everyone had a great time at the party.

The affable salesman built rapport with customers effortlessly.

The affable tour guide shared interesting historical anecdotes.

The affable interaction between the siblings was heartwarming.

The affable tone of the podcast made it an enjoyable listen.

The affable artist’s works resonated with a wide audience.

The affable conversations at the social event were memorable.

The affable leader created a positive work environment.

The affable politician connected with constituents on a personal level.

The affable speaker captured the audience’s attention from the start.

The affable meeting facilitator encouraged collaboration.

The affable chemistry between the actors made the play memorable.

The affable nature of the family gathering made everyone comfortable.

The affable protagonist’s journey was relatable to readers.

The affable vibes at the music festival enhanced the experience.

The affable tour guide made the sightseeing experience enjoyable, sharing fascinating stories and engaging with the group.

Sarah’s affable nature allowed her to build strong connections with clients, making her a top-performing salesperson.

Even in stressful situations, Tom maintained an affable demeanor, putting others at ease with his calm and approachable attitude.

The politician’s affable charm made him a favorite among voters, who felt comfortable approaching him with their concerns.

The host’s affable hospitality made the party a huge success, as guests felt welcomed and included throughout the event.

The affable coach was well-respected by his team, fostering a positive and supportive environment for their growth and development.

With his affable demeanor and great sense of humor, Jack was the life of every party he attended.

The restaurant’s affable staff created a delightful dining experience, making customers feel like cherished guests.

Even in times of disagreement, Carla managed to maintain an affable tone, fostering open and constructive discussions.

Mark’s affable nature extended beyond humans; he had a special bond with animals and was beloved by all the neighborhood pets.

The CEO’s affable leadership style encouraged collaboration among employees, leading to a more productive and cohesive team.

Despite facing setbacks, the team captain remained affable, motivating his members to persevere and achieve their goals.

The small town’s affable community made newcomers feel right at home, welcoming them with open arms.

Sarah’s affable character also translated to her online presence, where she built a large following with her relatable and friendly content.

The affable neighbors organized regular gatherings, strengthening the sense of community in their neighborhood.

The affable receptionist at the hotel greeted every guest with genuine warmth and made their check-in experience pleasant.

David’s affable attitude was contagious, and it positively influenced the overall atmosphere in the workplace.

The affable street performer captivated the crowd with his talent and engaging personality, earning him a devoted audience.

The affable elderly couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, surrounded by friends and family who admired their enduring love.

The president’s affable diplomacy helped ease tensions between nations, fostering a spirit of cooperation and peace.

The affable bookshop owner went above and beyond to recommend personalized reading choices to each customer.

Despite being a world-renowned chef, Marco maintained an affable humility, always eager to learn from others in the culinary industry.

The affable janitor brightened everyone’s day with his cheerful greetings and uplifting conversations.

The team’s affable mascot entertained the crowd with playful antics during halftime, adding to the enjoyment of the sports event.

Synonyms Of Affable – Another Words

Amiable, Approachable, Courteous, Genial, Gentle, Good-Humored, Good-Natured, Gracious, Pleasant, Polite, Sociable, Urbane

Antonyms Of Affable – Opposite Words

Disagreeable, Discourteous, Hateful, Impolite, Irritable, Mean, Nasty, Rude, Uncivil, Uncivilized, Unfriendly, Unhappy, Unkind, Unmannerly, Unrefined, Unsociable, Unsophisticated

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