activity in a sentence

Societies are not destroyed so much by the activities of rascals but by the inactivity of the good people.

This is not a lawful activity.

There wasn’t a single activity that she hadn’t participated in.

He was so full of activity in his old age that he won everybody’s admiration.

Today science and technology have played a key role in almost every branch of human activity.

In fact, any activity in life becomes boring and tiring if there is no variety in it.

Computers have influenced practically all fields of activity.

Today there is hardly any sphere of human activity which has not been touched by the computers.

There is activity all around in nature.

He is old, but he is full of activity.

The bus stand remains humming with activity from early in the morning till late in the evening.

There is a hidden hand of God in every human activity.

It has revolutionised almost every field of activity.

We should avoid such activity that harms our health.

For learning an art or any activity, one needs constant practice.

You have been asked to organise the activity on the coming Sunday.

Life in big cities is always full of activity.

It is a useful means of entertainment and physical activity.

Human bodies are designed for regular physical activity.

Write the name of the activity.

There is a great activity at the spot of party.

It is the most basic and the most widespread form of human activity.

Industry is a commercial activity that provides services.

Synonyms Of Activity – Another Words

Action, Enterprise, Exercise, Life, Movement, Activeness, Animation, Bustle, Exertion, Hustle, Labor, Liveliness, Motion

Antonyms Of Activity – Opposite Words

Cessation, Idleness, Inaction, Inactivity, Stoppage, Laziness