activity in a sentence

Societies are not destroyed so much by the activities of rascals but by the inactivity of the good people.

This is not a lawful activity.

There wasn’t a single activity that she hadn’t participated in.

He was so full of activity in his old age that he won everybody’s admiration.

Today science and technology have played a key role in almost every branch of human activity.

In fact, any activity in life becomes boring and tiring if there is no variety in it.

Computers have influenced practically all fields of activity.

Today there is hardly any sphere of human activity which has not been touched by the computers.

There is activity all around in nature.

He is old, but he is full of activity.

The bus stand remains humming with activity from early in the morning till late in the evening.

There is a hidden hand of God in every human activity.

It has revolutionised almost every field of activity.

We should avoid such activity that harms our health.

For learning an art or any activity, one needs constant practice.

You have been asked to organise the activity on the coming Sunday.

Life in big cities is always full of activity.

It is a useful means of entertainment and physical activity.

Human bodies are designed for regular physical activity.

Write the name of the activity.

There is a great activity at the spot of party.

It is the most basic and the most widespread form of human activity.

Industry is a commercial activity that provides services.

The school organized a science fair to encourage student participation in hands-on activities.

The art club is planning a creative activity where members can express themselves through painting and drawing.

Our company offers various team-building activities to promote collaboration and camaraderie among employees.

Many children nowadays spend less time on outdoor activities due to the allure of digital devices.

The city’s park is a bustling hub of activity on weekends, with families picnicking, kids playing, and joggers running by.

To improve cognitive abilities, engaging in brain-stimulating activities like puzzles and crosswords is recommended.

The community center hosts a range of activities, from dance classes to cooking workshops, catering to diverse interests.

The archaeological expedition discovered ancient tools and artifacts, shedding light on the activity of early human civilizations.

Yoga and meditation are calming activities that help reduce stress and promote mental well-being.

The music festival brought together people from different cultures and backgrounds, creating a vibrant atmosphere of activity and celebration.

Due to the pandemic, many social activities transitioned to virtual platforms, allowing people to connect from the comfort of their homes.

As a child, I enjoyed the activity of building elaborate forts using blankets and pillows in the living room.

Observing wildlife in their natural habitats is a fascinating and educational activity for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

The museum’s interactive exhibits engage visitors in hands-on activities, making learning enjoyable and immersive.

Cooking together can be a fun family activity, where everyone gets involved in preparing and savoring a delicious meal.

As part of team-building exercises, the employees engaged in trust-building activities like blindfolded obstacle courses.

The book club members eagerly discussed their latest read, turning it into a lively and thought-provoking activity.

At the community center, seniors participate in various social activities, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing isolation.

The art museum’s interactive installations provided an immersive and engaging activity for visitors of all ages.

Educational apps have become popular for children’s learning, turning screen time into productive activities.

Community gardening is not only an enjoyable outdoor activity but also promotes sustainable living and local food production.

The chess club hosts regular tournaments, drawing chess enthusiasts together for strategic and challenging gaming activities.

During the summer camp, kids participated in team sports, arts and crafts, and various recreational activities.

Astronomy enthusiasts organized a stargazing activity to marvel at the wonders of the night sky.

Building model airplanes and ships is a hobby that offers both relaxation and a rewarding hands-on activity.

As part of their science curriculum, students conducted experiments and engaged in hands-on lab activities to reinforce their learning.

The local theater group organized drama workshops, providing an outlet for aspiring actors to showcase their talent and passion for the performing arts.

Community cleanup events are essential activities to preserve the environment and maintain the beauty of public spaces.

Cooking classes are not only a fun activity but also an opportunity to learn new culinary skills and try out delicious recipes.

The school held a science fair where students showcased their innovative projects, turning the event into a display of intellectual activity.

Birdwatching is a relaxing outdoor activity that allows nature lovers to observe and appreciate avian diversity.

For relaxation and creativity, adults often turn to coloring books as a meditative and artistic activity.

Playing board games is a fantastic family activity that encourages bonding, communication, and healthy competition.

Language exchange programs offer a productive activity for individuals looking to practice and improve their language skills while meeting new people from different cultures.

The annual charity walk brought the community together for a charitable activity, raising funds and awareness for a worthy cause.

Science museums offer hands-on activities and interactive exhibits to spark curiosity and interest in scientific principles.

Camping in the wilderness offers an opportunity to disconnect from technology and immerse oneself in nature, making it a rejuvenating and adventurous activity.

The annual cultural festival showcases a diverse array of traditional dances, music performances, and art demonstrations, turning the event into a vibrant cultural activity.

Model rocketry is an engaging STEM activity that combines science and creativity, appealing to both young students and adult hobbyists.

Escape rooms have become a popular group activity, where participants work together to solve puzzles and mysteries within a set time limit.

Martial arts classes offer a disciplined and physically demanding activity that enhances self-defense skills and fosters mental focus.

Online cooking challenges and food blogging have turned culinary experiments into popular digital activities, inspiring food enthusiasts worldwide.

Local environmental organizations arrange beach cleanups as a communal activity to preserve marine ecosystems and protect marine life.

Dance workshops and classes provide an outlet for self-expression and serve as an enjoyable fitness activity for people of all ages.

The school’s science club regularly conducts exciting experiments and demonstrations, turning learning into an interactive and fun activity.

Birdhouse building workshops offer a family-friendly activity that promotes wildlife conservation and habitat preservation for birds.

Geocaching combines technology and exploration as participants embark on outdoor treasure hunts using GPS coordinates, making it an adventure-filled activity.

Documentary filmmaking can be a powerful activity to raise awareness about social issues and advocate for positive change.

Educational field trips to museums, historical sites, and nature reserves allow students to learn beyond the classroom, making education an experiential activity.

Community art projects, like mural paintings or public sculptures, involve locals in a collective creative activity that enhances their neighborhood’s aesthetics.

Coding clubs and hackathons promote technology-focused activities, encouraging innovation and problem-solving in the digital age.

Gardening enthusiasts often exchange plants and gardening tips in community plant swaps, turning gardening into a social and green-thumb activity.

Astronomy clubs organize star parties, where amateur astronomers gather to observe celestial phenomena, transforming stargazing into a group activity.

Language immersion programs immerse participants in a foreign culture, making language learning an immersive and culturally enriching activity.

The elderly engage in storytelling sessions, reminiscing about their life experiences, and turning storytelling into a cherished intergenerational activity.

The annual charity auction turned fundraising into an exciting activity, with attendees bidding on unique items and experiences to support charitable causes.

Rock climbing and indoor bouldering centers provide thrilling activities for adventure seekers to test their physical and mental strength.

Participating in a community theater production transforms acting into a collaborative and entertaining artistic activity.

Origami workshops offer a fascinating and intricate activity, where participants create beautiful art from folded paper.

Guided meditation sessions turn relaxation into a mindful activity, promoting mental clarity and inner peace.

Recreational sports leagues bring together people with a shared love for sports, making exercise and competition an enjoyable social activity.

Bookstore events, like author readings and book signings, transform book browsing into an intellectually stimulating activity.

Home gardening allows individuals to grow their fruits and vegetables, turning sustainability into a rewarding and productive activity.

Wine tasting events turn sampling different wines into a sophisticated and educational activity for wine enthusiasts.

Volunteering at animal shelters provides a heartwarming activity, caring for and nurturing animals in need.

DIY crafting workshops offer an opportunity to create personalized decorations and gifts, making crafting a creative and heartfelt activity.

Local photography clubs organize photowalks, turning photography into an exploration of the beauty and uniqueness of the surroundings.

Archaeological digs turn historical research into an exciting and hands-on activity, unearthing ancient artifacts and civilizations.

Attending cooking classes taught by renowned chefs transforms culinary learning into a culinary experience and a gourmet activity.

Street festivals and carnivals offer lively activities, with food stalls, live performances, and carnival games for community enjoyment.

Astronomy enthusiasts organize star parties and public telescope viewings, turning stargazing into a shared and awe-inspiring activity.

DIY home improvement projects turn home renovation into a rewarding and empowering activity for homeowners.

Art therapy sessions offer a therapeutic and healing activity for individuals to express emotions through creative mediums.

Beach cleanups and coastal conservation initiatives engage volunteers in environmental stewardship, turning conservation into a collective activity.

Educational podcasts and audiobooks turn learning into a portable and on-the-go activity for knowledge seekers.

Competitive puzzle-solving events, like escape room competitions, turn problem-solving into a thrilling and time-sensitive activity.

Building model railways transforms train enthusiasts’ passion into an intricate and detailed activity.

Foraging workshops introduce participants to wild edibles and medicinal plants, turning foraging into a sustainable and eco-friendly activity.

Open mic nights at cafes and bars provide aspiring musicians and poets an opportunity to showcase their talent, making performance an expressive activity.

Community-based mentorship programs turn mentorship into a meaningful and life-changing activity for both mentors and mentees.

Participating in local fundraising walks or runs turns physical activity into an opportunity to support charitable causes.

Engaging in citizen science projects, like bird counts or environmental surveys, turns science research into a participatory and citizen-driven activity.

Ghost tours and haunted history walks turn storytelling into a spine-chilling and entertaining activity for history and ghost enthusiasts.

Learning traditional dances from different cultures transforms dance into a celebration of diversity and cultural exchange.

Collaborative art installations, where multiple artists contribute to a single artwork, turn art creation into a communal and inspiring activity.

Synonyms Of Activity – Another Words

Action, Enterprise, Exercise, Life, Movement, Activeness, Animation, Bustle, Exertion, Hustle, Labor, Liveliness, Motion

Antonyms Of Activity – Opposite Words

Cessation, Idleness, Inaction, Inactivity, Stoppage, Laziness

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