light in a sentence

Light the lamp.

I take light exercise for a few minutes.

Travel light when you must.

Moon does not have light of its own.

Darkness is always followed  by light.

The sun spreads its rays of light in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

Gum is used for sticking paper and other light things together.

Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working on the light bulb.

When the candle burns, it gives light.

We always keep the casements open to let in light and fresh air.

We light bonfires to celebrate the Lohri.

Stars have light of their own.

Please switch on the light.

Please switch off the light.

Turn the light off and save electricity.

Turn right at the next traffic light.

The light went out while I was having tea.

The light is dim.

One should come out in the open and take some light exercise in the morning.

A shaft of light comes into my room from the ventilator.

The light is so dim that it cannot be used for work.

I will light your pipe for you.

Where has this light led us to ?

Someone turned on a light in the hall and opened the door.

May I switch off the light ?

He puts on light clothes.

I take light exercise for a few minutes.

Suddenly the light went off, leaving me and everything around in darkness.

He has been deprived of the light of knowledge.

Her eyes are light brown.

I have an oil massage and light exercise.

There is no light in the room.

New facts are coming to light during the course of investigations.

She spoke in a light vein.

A gentleman never makes light of his promises.

The sun whose rays give us light also give us life.

I don’t appreciate his light talks.

As soon as he stepped into the room, the light went out.

The sun gives us light during the day.

We can’t appreciate light if we haven’t known darkness.

Give me light !

As soon as he finished writing his diary, the light went off.

Please light the lamp.

The light went out while I was reading.

He was found guilty, but, he got off easy.

The strong light dazzled me.

The light is off.

Use a light concealer to hide your dark circles and spots.

Eat light at night.

The ultraviolet light waves can cause damage to the skin, making it dark or tanned.