employed in a sentence

I am self employed man.

Are you employed in that office ?

Thousands of people are employed in this field.

We employed five workers.

I have employed them to do the job.

Thousands of people are employed in either the fashion industries or the fashion business.

He is employed in a factory.

He is employed in a government office in Delhi.

We employed him as a consultant

Mungo Park, who was employed by the African Association, explored the interior regions of Africa and, the undertaking being hazardous, he suffered many distresses, which were often alleviated by the compassion of the negroes.

My brother is employed in a bank.

He has employed an errand boy.

He has employed a servant.

He will have employed a number of messengers.

He has employed five workers in his factory.

For many years the word depot was largely employed in the sense of a railway station.

A person employed in another state has to know the language of the State for facility of work.

I employed a number of lights for shooting.

Being employed is considered to be one of the most important aspects that defines an individual as successful in life.

I do not want to be employed.

I employed him for a week.

She employed 80 workers for this Job.

We employed her as an assistant.

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