pretentious in a sentence

I am not pretentious.

I am not someone who is pretentious.

There is nothing pretentious about it.

He is not pretentious at all.

He never gave the impression of a pretentious person.

It is not a pretentious and complicated work.

The whole process seems very pretentious and quite boring.

I don’t like pretentious people.

We often avoid pretentious display.

This looks silly and pretentious to passer-bys.

Ensure that you don’t look pretentious.

Doesn’t that sound horrible and pretentious?

You shouldn’t let the pretentious purists spoil the fun.

Don’t be pretentious.

Don’t be pretentious about being fearless.

Try to write naturally and avoid pretentious long words and jargon.

I never understood that pretentious tradition.

What is the origin of the word pretentious?

Why are people so pretentious?

He is pretentious for a reason.

What makes you pretentious?

How is she pretentious?

We do not like her for her pretentious behaviors.

People can sense when someone is being pretentious or fake.

Synonyms of Pretentious

ostentatious , exaggerated , showy , turgid , Arrogant , haughty , boastful , overambitious , lofty , pompous

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