fortitude in a sentence


We should face difficulties with fortitude.

Only fortitude and a strong will, will enable you to face this misfortune.

He defied all norms of patience, perseverance, and fortitude.

We should face this problem with fortitude.

Donkey, because of its perseverance and fortitude, carries loads even when tired.

It is the story of a man of tremendous fortitude.

We should face all situations with courage and fortitude.

It is an arduous task and demands inane fortitude.

He made it normal with fortitude and resolve.

I received the sad news with utmost mental courage and fortitude.

She faced the vicissitudes of life with great tenacity and fortitude.

We should act with great patience and fortitude during times of anguish and failure.

I accepted it with fortitude.

He is a man of fortitude and intellect .

We should face adversity with fortitude.

You must bear it with fortitude.

He bore his long illness with quiet fortitude.

Suffering tests the patience and fortitude of a person.

He made it normal with fortitude and resolve.

She is a woman of extraordinary fortitude.

She faced adversity in life with fortitude and took care to educate her family.

Hw is a paragon of fortitude and courage.

It fills you with tremendous fortitude.

We should encourage them to face every challenge with fortitude.

Despite facing numerous setbacks, Sarah demonstrated incredible fortitude as she persevered through challenging times and achieved her goals.

In the face of adversity, the community displayed remarkable fortitude, coming together to rebuild after the devastating natural disaster.

The soldier exhibited unwavering fortitude as he endured grueling training and bravely faced the dangers of combat on the battlefield.

Despite facing criticism and obstacles, the artist maintained her fortitude, staying true to her unique vision and creating art that resonated with audiences.

The entrepreneur’s fortitude was evident in her unwavering commitment to her business, navigating challenges with resilience and determination.

The student’s fortitude shone through as he diligently studied late into the night, determined to overcome academic obstacles and achieve academic success.

The leader’s fortitude inspired her team, as she remained composed and focused in the face of adversity, guiding them towards victory.

The firefighter displayed immense fortitude as he charged into the burning building, risking his life to save others trapped inside.

The athlete’s fortitude was evident as she pushed through physical pain and exhaustion during training, never giving up on her dream of becoming a champion.

The young student with a learning disability exhibited remarkable fortitude as he persisted in his studies, working twice as hard to achieve academic success.

The refugee’s fortitude was tested as they fled their war-torn homeland, enduring hardships and uncertainty in search of a better life for their family.

The caregiver demonstrated unwavering fortitude as she cared for her aging parents, tirelessly tending to their needs and providing them with love and support.

The prisoner maintained his fortitude, holding onto hope and resilience while serving his sentence, determined to turn his life around upon release.

The activist displayed tremendous fortitude in the face of opposition, fearlessly advocating for social justice and equality despite facing backlash.

The teacher’s fortitude shone through as she dedicated herself to empowering her students, going above and beyond to ensure they received a quality education.

The survivor of a traumatic experience drew upon their fortitude to heal and rebuild their life, inspiring others with their resilience and ability to find strength in adversity.

The scientist’s fortitude was evident in their tireless pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries, overcoming numerous failed experiments and setbacks in their quest for knowledge.

The single parent demonstrated unwavering fortitude, working multiple jobs to provide for their children and create a stable home environment despite the challenges.

The veteran exhibited remarkable fortitude as they coped with the physical and emotional scars of war, finding the strength to rebuild their life and support fellow veterans.

The whistleblower displayed immense fortitude, risking their personal and professional security to expose wrongdoing and fight for justice.

The individual battling addiction showed incredible fortitude as they faced their demons head-on, seeking help and working towards recovery with unwavering determination.

The explorer’s fortitude was tested as they ventured into uncharted territories, overcoming harsh conditions and unexpected obstacles in their quest for discovery.

The advocate for a marginalized community demonstrated fortitude in their relentless fight for equality, challenging societal norms and demanding justice for those who have been marginalized.

The immigrant showed incredible fortitude as they embraced a new culture and language, navigating unfamiliar territory to create a better life for themselves and their family.

The athlete’s fortitude was evident in their rigorous training and unwavering commitment to their sport, pushing themselves beyond their limits to achieve greatness.

The mentor provided guidance and support with fortitude, helping others overcome challenges and believe in their own potential for success.

The farmer displayed unwavering fortitude in the face of a severe drought, working tirelessly to save crops and livestock, determined to sustain their livelihood.

The activist for environmental conservation exhibited incredible fortitude as they tirelessly campaigned to protect endangered species and preserve fragile ecosystems.

The advocate for mental health showed remarkable fortitude by openly sharing their own struggles and working tirelessly to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The artist’s fortitude was evident in their ability to embrace criticism and rejection, continuing to create and evolve their craft with resilience and determination.

The teacher in a disadvantaged community displayed unwavering fortitude, going above and beyond to provide quality education despite limited resources and challenging circumstances.

The volunteer at a homeless shelter exhibited immense fortitude, consistently extending compassion and support to individuals facing adversity, while tirelessly advocating for systemic change.

The entrepreneur faced numerous failures and setbacks with fortitude, learning from each experience and using them as stepping stones toward eventual success.

The caregiver for a terminally ill patient demonstrated extraordinary fortitude, providing comfort and support during the most difficult moments and staying strong for their loved one.

The survivor of a natural disaster showed remarkable fortitude as they rebuilt their life from the ground up, resiliently adapting to new circumstances and finding hope amidst the destruction.

The advocate for equal rights and social justice exhibited unwavering fortitude, fearlessly confronting systemic oppression and fighting for a more inclusive and equitable society.

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