fortitude in a sentence

We should face difficulties with fortitude.

Only fortitude and a strong will, will enable you to face this misfortune.

He defied all norms of patience, perseverance, and fortitude.

We should face this problem with fortitude.

Donkey, because of its perseverance and fortitude, carries loads even when tired.

It is the story of a man of tremendous fortitude.

We should face all situations with courage and fortitude.

It is an arduous task and demands inane fortitude.

He made it normal with fortitude and resolve.

I received the sad news with utmost mental courage and fortitude.

She faced the vicissitudes of life with great tenacity and fortitude.

We should act with great patience and fortitude during times of anguish and failure.

I accepted it with fortitude.

He is a man of fortitude and intellect .

We should face adversity with fortitude.

You must bear it with fortitude.

He bore his long illness with quiet fortitude.

Suffering tests the patience and fortitude of a person.

He made it normal with fortitude and resolve.

She is a woman of extraordinary fortitude.

She faced adversity in life with fortitude and took care to educate her family.

Hw is a paragon of fortitude and courage.

It fills you with tremendous fortitude.

We should encourage them to face every challenge with fortitude.