peaceful in a sentence

Take out the past experiences from your life and enjoy the new relationship to make your life joyful and peaceful.

You should be extra careful in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

When you have conflicts confrontations revenge politics and grudges in your home itself (due to in laws) how can you expect a peaceful life?

It is important to make them understand in a peaceful way.

This is about being effortlessly peaceful.

Spend some quality and peaceful time with your family members.

It is important to keep calm in order to keep things peaceful at home.

Yoga keeps the mind peaceful and healthy.

The baby should have a calm and peaceful sleeping environment.

Is it steady and peaceful?

These changes disturb your normal peaceful sleep.

May be this information will help you in realising the importance of relaxing and leading a peaceful life.

Well you can surely reduce stress and enjoy a peaceful life if you learn how to relax.

Study room is a place that should be calm and peaceful.

Soft and soothing music makes the work out session more peaceful and effective.

A peaceful atmosphere at home is essential for things to work out perfectly.

Not all men are lucky to enjoy a peaceful life.

You can gradually learn to stay peaceful.

You must have a peaceful mind for worship.

Your day will be happy and peaceful.

The better we feel the more peaceful the mind is.

Eating walnuts increases the blood levels of melatonin which thereby induces a peaceful sleep.

In terms of relationships they would like to keep things peaceful and relationships comfortable for their loved ones.

Have a peaceful mind at night .

Health is important for a peaceful married life.

These individuals always tend to seek a comfortable and peaceful life.

Happy and peaceful workplace is a dream of every employee!

Your love life will be peaceful.

We often find it to be peaceful.

Mood lighting is a unique way to create a warm and peaceful environment.

Hormone gets released during peaceful sleep.

It plays an effective role in relaxing the nerves and induces peaceful sleep.

The day’s activities can be carried on with total ease only when we get a peaceful rest during the night.

Taking a break from work and having a peaceful and healthy lunch is very important especially in office.

A peaceful mind thinks clearly and logically.

Stay away from stress and keep yourself peaceful.

If you want to look beautiful then it is important for you to a peaceful sleep.

A peaceful mind can give the power to accomplish more .

My works are no less useful for peaceful purposes.

Atomic energy has now vast possibilities of use for peaceful purposes.

Everybody by nature likes a peaceful life.

She lay peaceful in bed.

Atomic energy is being used for running machines and for other peaceful purposes.

None of us is able to have a wink of peaceful sleep.

We should be allowed to live a comfortable and peaceful life.

Festivals should be celebrated with simplicity and in a peaceful manner.

We can make the world a peaceful place by following this policy.

Shimla is a peaceful retreat.

We have had in our country peaceful co-existence of different religions.

They did a peaceful agreement.

We want to find a peaceful solution.

He leads a peaceful life.

It was very peaceful.

The island is very peaceful.

The police made lathi charge on the peaceful demonstrators.

The strike should be peaceful.

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