hard working in a sentence

Teachers should be sincere, hardworking, understanding, and devoted to their profession.

Employers are always on the lookout for hardworking employees.

hardworking and self-dependent person outshines and becomes an ideal for others.

He was a hardworking student.

He is a very intelligent, dedicated, and hardworking student.

She is an efficient and hardworking lady.

I have a very hard working and decisive character.

Do you think you are a hardworking person?

I am smart and hardworking.

I am a brilliant and hardworking student.

He is hardworking and is ever eager to acquire more and more knowledge.

He is a very hardworking man, but I am slow.

I don’t consider her to be honest or hardworking by any means.

There are many professions open to an intelligent and hardworking person.

He is hardworking as well as honest.

He is a hardworking but not very intelligent boy.

He was projected as a sincere and hardworking scientist.

My mother is a very hard working woman.

She is as hardworking as she is beautiful.

Teachers praise hardworking students.

I am a hardworking man.

hardworking man is bound to achieve success in his life.

He is hardworking and intelligent.

He is one of the most hardworking persons in society.

He is extremely hard working and is always involved in social work.

They are hardworking and conscientious about the quality of their work.

He is believed to be a hardworking individual.

He is a goal-oriented and hardworking person.

Our heart is one of the most hardworking and important organs in the body.

They are quite hardworking when they find their way within.

They are hardworking and dedicated to fulfilling their goals.

We are constantly proving ourselves to be one of the most hardworking people in the world.

They are honest and hard working.

They are extremely hard working and over dedicated to the things they do.

If you love your hard working liver, quit drinking.

He had a peaceful but hardworking life.

They are hardworking and productive.

They are talented and hardworking.

They are very intelligent, analytical, and hard working.

She is hardworking, ambitious, and organized.

They are very passionate and hardworking dream-chasers.

He is intelligent and hardworking.

The people in my country are hard working.

Hardworking people cannot fail in life.

My mother is a very hard working and sincere lady.

He is dedicated and hardworking.

Our ancestors were honest and hard working.

You are a hardworking boy.

He is not only intelligent but also hard working.

He is a hardworking man.

Every student is not hard working.

They are talented, skilled, and hardworking people.

He is a hardworking and visionary leader.

Why are you spoiling other hardworking employees?

We are proud of our laborious and hardworking students.

He was a very hard working person throughout his career.

He is a very hardworking and highly refined person.

She is a very hard working and intelligent businesswoman.

I’m not talented, just hardworking.

He is a very hardworking student who is always eager to learn.

Though he is quite hardworking, yet he could not pass.

He is hardworking but not intelligent.

He is not hardworking.

The teachers of our school are able and hardworking.

You should make friendship with good and hardworking boys.

They are hardworking and highly qualified.

A hardworking student always hungers for knowledge.

I am a hardworking boy.

They are all hardworking men.

Your teacher does not punish hard working boys.

He is a hardworking man.

That hardworking boy is bound to succeed.

Synonyms for Hard-Working



He who is assiduous in his work is sure to succeed.


Please be careful not to trip over the carpet.

Assuring you of prompt and careful cooperation

You should be careful in your dress.

The boys are careful workers.

The only difference was that he was more careful the next time.

He is a very careful driver.


He is a conscientious worker and always does his duty.

Being a conscientious man, he must have done his duty.

He is a conscientious worker and deserves all praise.

He must have done his duty, for he is a conscientious man .

He is such a conscientious worker that his boss is greatly pleased with him.


A boy who is diligent and industrious must succeed.

A man who has diligent habits is sure to succeed.

The younger brother is more diligent than the elder one.

You have not been diligent in your work.

Your sister is the most diligent of all my friends.

He is the least diligent of the three boys.


I have an earnest desire to find a way for materializing my dreams.

It acts as a stimulant to the earnest worker.

It is my earnest desire to join this tour as many of my friends are also going.

He said in earnest that he would quit the company.

He threatened to call the police.

They are earnest about their children’s education.


I differ with you at the exact point in which dogs differ from wolves in shape or kind.

She is very exact in her job.

Could you tell me the exact time

I’d like to know the exact time.

Give me an exact answer.

I forgot what the exact price was.


She is fussy about her food.

He is a very fussy eater.

He is very fussy about what he eats.

That old man is a fussy eater.


He is always heedful of the advice of his elders.


The boy who is industrious will win the prize.

That boy is not more industrious than this.

A man who has industrious habits is sure to succeed.

Very few boys are as industrious as he.

He can make his fortune if he wishes to do so by being industrious and persevering.


He is very particular about what he eats.

They are very prone to a particular skin disease.

Some people are particular about not smoking or drinking.


You shouldn’t be picky about other people’s work

He’s picky about suits and ties.

I hate dealing with children who are picky eaters.

He is very picky about what he eats.

Is your husband a picky eater?


He is punctilious about keeping regular hours.

He is scrupulous in fulfilling his duties at work


He is a stickler for principles.

My teacher is a stickler for grammar.


Rest after hard labor is sweet, but rest without strenuous work is boring.

They need some relaxation, diversion after strenuous mental work.

In the industrial field, the harsh and strenuous labor once performed by men is now being done by machines at the touch of a button.

Heat and strenuous exercise may lead to fatigue and sun stroke.

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep after a strenuous day,

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Antonyms for Hard-Working



You can’t afford to be careless in this experiment.

You must be thinking that I am a careless sort of person.

They would grow to be careless and indolent.

You have grown very careless about your health.

How careless he was to pinch his fingers in the door!

Only one careless mistake cost the company millions of dollars.


This exercise is easy enough for me to do without help.

The island is easy to reach by boat.

Don’t punish the boy severely; go easy on him.

The place is easy to reach from here.

It is not easy to be understood by everybody.

This is such an easy problem that any student can solve it.


His answers are always half-baked as he is negligent.

This sweet potato is only half-baked and is still crunchy.


If you are too lazy to cook in the morning then this is the ideal breakfast idea for you.

In general, lazy eye causes one eye to grow normal while other grows weaker.


The sedentary life style makes them lethargic and prone to illness.

Are you someone who feels tired and lethargic quite often?

You face this problem because your body feels very tired lethargic and drained out.


I always find him negligent his studies.

He is so absorbed in his work that he is quite negligent about his dress.

I have often found him negligent in his work.

I am never negligent in my duty.

The police has registered a case of negligent against him .


He had once been a thoughtless young-man.

A man who talks much, often utters thoughtless words.

That boy is always getting into scrapes for one reason or another.

His thoughtless remarks fanned the flames instead of pacifying the matter.

How thoughtless of you to do that.


I can’t be unconcerned about your future.

I am unconcerned with the problem.


An unenthusiastic approach towards life takes you far from reality.


I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations.

What is the speaker not unmindful of ?


Students are often toyed with by anti-social and unscrupulous elements.

She has chosen to become a puppet in the hands of unscrupulous elements.

He had become a puppet in the hands of unscrupulous elements


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