face in a sentence

We have to face difficulties in life.

You should face difficulties bravely.

He had to face many difficulties.

The aim of education should be to equip the students to face life.

One should face the situation boldly.

We have many problems to face.

Whatever challenges we face in life, we should have the confidence to succeed.

Whatever you do, you will face circumstances that are in favour or against you.

People, who are not disciplined in their lives, face lots of problems and get disappointments.

She had a dreamy look on her face.

He is a slim man with an angular face and a beard.

She covered her face with her hands and broke into sobs.

He seemed to have a worried look on his face.

Nobody wants dark spots and blackheads on the face.

She has wrinkles on her face.

Do not show your face in this court again.

Don’t show me your face.

I have never seen him losing heart in the face of difficulties.

You’ll have to face the truth.

He was lying face downwards.

She gave him a slap across the face.

He has a scar on his face.

I said it to his face.

Your face is familiar to me.

They face difficulties in getting a square meal.

Dare he say these words to my face?

People today face numerous challenges in achieving a meaningful and fulfilling life.

The products used on hair and face may damage the hair and skin permanently.

We will have to face many ups and downs.

At last they will face trial.

Life is full of ups and downs and you often do face situations when you need to take important decisions.

The neck adds beauty to the face and figure.

No girl wants to face the embarrassment of raising her arms full of hair, bumps or shadow beneath .

This natural scrub will remove dead cells from your face.

Washing the face is a part of our daily life.

I don’t remember my grandmother’s face accurately.

The child scratched my face with its nails.

The woman’s face was marked with grief.

You must massage your face well while applying a face mask.

You must either work or face dismissal.

We have to face them.

He could not face the opposition of his caste fellows.

I like to see a face with a smile on it.

I saw a man’s face inside the window.

I saw a man’s face in the window.

His face is familiar  to me.

The two great scientists met face to face to discuss the problems of space travel.

I looked at his face carefully.

His face brightened.

Maintain caution while applying this face pack.

Make sure you wash your face at short intervals.

My face was disfigured.

A fantastic face was painted on it.

Makeup is not just limited to face and arms but also legs.

He is always ready to face hardships and make sacrifices for his students.

States will soon face demands for additional quota for all and sundry.

Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and will make your face glowing.

Try these turmeric face packs to brighten your skins complexion in an instant.

Everyone living on the face of this earth does tread through tensions and disappointments in their respective lives.

Scrub your face with this and wash .

The people face acute shortage of water.

Have you ever thought about your own face without hair?

I sat face to face with you.

I couldn’t face cold again after being in the warm all evening.

I can’t face cooking a meal today.

The shape of your face tells a lot about your personality.

I can’t face this life alone.

I saw his face in the dim light.

I couldn’t help laughing when I saw him lying face down covered with mud.

The face of my dead mother was uncovered for the relatives to have a last look.

Don’t pull a long face look cheerful.

Few people can face death bravely.

Hair loss has become the most common problem that women face these .

You should have a face to face talk to resolve the issue amicably.

Here are best exfoliating face mask that are the best for your face.

What situation had Father to face?

It is usually noticed on the face and scalp.

One might face one or the other problem before she solves the first one.

It helps to boost the blood circulation in the face.

Forgiveness can go a long way in abolishing these evils from the face of the world.

His eyes searched my face to see if I was talking straight.

We stood face to face with death.

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